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3D Stripper Review

3D Stripper was a licensed version of  Dream Stripper; so if you are looking for the game this is probably the only place you would have found it. Unfortunately though, now even that is gone as 3DStripper has closed its doors. With luck however, if you have a VR headset there is a much better alternative to this game . If you like 3D strippers, take a look at VR Paradise (check what VR headsets you can use),  it is by the creators of the world’s favourite strip game iStripper. The review has been left below for interest.

On starting 3D Stripper  you will be confronted with a virtual stripper wearing a school uniform on the stage of a seemingly high class strip club.

3D Stripper has fantastic graphics, both the virtual stripper and the environment are awesome; also, there are several graphic settings. In addition you will be able to choose between running it full screen or windowed.  If you like 3D strip games, read the Strip Kittens 2.0 review as it is a pretty amazing game as well.

If you need help then look to the top of the screen; here you will see a question mark, click on it to get help. From the help you will discover all you need to know  about 3D Stripper; how to play and what key combinations do what. There are other options for you to play with too.

You need virtual cash to make your virtual stripper perform; you can see how much you have, and how many stripper seconds you have left at the top of the screen. All the while she dances, you will get more money to change her outfits; also to remove her clothes, buy more stripping time and to use various props.

All the while you have time left you will have full control of your 3D stripper; you are able to help her to perform a number of sexy actions. These actions can be performed naked as well as clothed, and you can get her naked as quick as you like.

Within 3D Stripper you have control of lighting to make the strip joint effect even more realistic.  scrolling the mouse will zoom in and out and to do a full 360 degrees; also you can hold the right mouse button whilst moving the mouse to do the same.

Make the most of the outfits and options, try them all. Some outfits are better than others, but all are sexy; your favourites will all depend on your taste. Naked, she is well formed with nicely trimmed pubes for you to stare at.  If you want to clear the screen of the clutter and just watch her dance, simply press the “U” key.

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3D Stripper Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 84%
Sound - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 95%


A Cool 3D Stripper for your desktop

If you prefer your desktop strippers to be of the 3D variety then you will love 3D Stripper the graphics are awesome, even by today's standard.

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