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Strip Kittens 2.0 Review

Strip Kittens 2.0 was a good 3D strip game, but unfortunately, it has gone. Many other adult games and sites are also no longer available. With luck however, there is a much better alternative to this game. If you like 3D strippers, take a look at VR Paradise (it needs a VR headset),  it is by the creators of the world’s favourite strip game iStripper. The review has been left below for historical reasons.

Strip Kittens 2.0 is a game I looked at a while ago it’s in the same category as 3D Stripper or 3D GoGo 2.  I think if I had to rank the three it would be very difficult as they are all as good in different ways; however, I guess 3D GoGo 2 and Strip Kittens 2.0 are at the top end just beyond 3D Stripper. They do all have things I prefer about them over the others.  The original version of Strip Kittens wasn’t that great, but version 2 is awesome.

I haven’t looked at it in a while so this review is based on the early version of the game; however a brief look at the website would show that it probably hasn’t changed much (if any) in that time.  Strip Kittens does a perfect job of being the game it wants to be; sure, there are more advanced and better games around but not when it comes to 3D Strip shows.

Strip Kittens is one of the few 3D virtual stripper games left.  It has great graphics, a modern looking strip joint and seriously hot 3D Strippers; I think it takes some beating.

Download Strip Kittens 2.0 and you’ll find it comes with an excellent club track for the girls to dance to; better still is the fact that it allows you to set up your own MP3 playlists using your music for the girls to strip to.

Thanks to the game being designed and created by the creators of Cherry Dolls, the graphics are awesome. The girls (of which there are seven to choose from) are truly realistic and will be sure to turn you on.

The nightclub is fantastic and has the real feeling of a top strip club. It comes complete with lasers, light shows and the club ambience.  Using the cameras is simple so switching between them isn’t a chore and  there are loads of camera angles to choose from. Alternatively use free mode to move around by yourself.

Simply use the TAB key to toggle through the cameras and then the keyboard allows you to perfectly position yourself around your chosen stripper. The zoom is excellent, you can get so close you can almost taste her, see the screenshots below.

dressing or undressing your stripper can be done at the press of a key. You can remove some or all items, if you prefer, she can auto strip.  I like games to be easy to navigate and use and Strip Kittens 2.0 really couldn’t be easier. Also there is a cool undocumented feature in the Strip Kittens 2.0, if you press the “X” key it will change to her alternative costume.

Pressing the F1 key toggles the help and shows you everything that you need to know to play the game. Another cool feature is the Boss Key, press the ESC key and you will immediately exit from Strip Kittens.

The game costs normally costs $19.99 for one girl, and then another $9.99 for each extra girl. At the moment the initial cost of the game with one girl is discounted to $9.99 but you can order one or more of the other six girls at the same time if you want alternatively you can order them later or not at all; Rose, Kyoke and Greta were my favourites.

Take a look at VR Paradise for 3D Strippers

Take a look at iStripper

Strip Kittens 2.0 Review overview

Graphics - 98%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 95%
Repeat Play Value - 96%


One of the best 3D Stripper games.

Strip Kittens 2.0 is one of the best 3D stripper games that you will find. It has fantastic graphics, lots of features and is easy to use. What more could you ask for.

User Rating: 3.65 ( 1 votes)

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