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Digamour Review

Digamour was another creation from from the Somavision Corporation. It was a virtual 3D Adult sex game which enabled you to tour the city and have explicit encounters with several partners in different locations.

Digamour is no longer available, but there are other offerings that may be of interest instead. Read the 3D Sex Villa Review to see an alternative

On starting the game you could go full screen or windowed so the choice is yours. I always opt for full screen in order to make the most of the excellent graphics.

As with 3D Plaything, you will notice that you are on some sort of sex space station (the setting is actually Paris 2074). After logging in you will get a prologue (which you can skip) then you move on to be able to select the nationality of your cyber babe either Brazil, South Africa, Japan or Germany. The graphics are very good, just how you may imagine some futuristic metropolis!

Once you have picked your girl you can choose to enter the city to explore locations for sex, or you can go into the girl lab part of the Digamour sex game to configure your babe. I went straight to the lab because I wanted to see what my chosen babe looked like naked.

Initially you can select eye colour, skin colour or bodyweight. The bodyweight is a nice touch as it caters for those who prefer their women a little more buxom. Although the range of sizes is reasonably small it still is better than most that give just the one size.

Next I went to explore the city, you select locations from a city map it seemed a little slow loading on my system but not drastic.

First, select level one, as with many 3D virtual sex games you can use the mouse buttons to rotate and zoom but you must use the up and down keys and the enter key to select the desired position. She says some sexy phrases to get your motor started and there is some quite nice mood music in the background (although this gets a bit repetitive after a while.

Press the up key or right/left to activate the positions, then you will see the circle below has a little orange ball on it. Hit the key again when the ball meets the green line at the bottom of the circle for maximum kudos, excitement and cash. You can then move to another position or stay on the same when you have satisfied her.

Some great noises accompany the sex, it is very wet and slurpy sounding and phrases such as “I want your cock to go in my mouth” add to the mood. The phrases did not always seem to match the event, but no matter they were sensuous anyway!

The gameplay is quite addictive at first, but it can get a little repetitive if you play for too long and also keeping your eye on the wheel to hit the green line means you can miss some of the action.

It would be nice to have some hidden tricks or moves to build up the cash quickly and to progress you to further levels so that you could buy some of the available body enhancements and extra girls as the extras are quite expensive. I suspect we will see some major additions coming shortly.

Build her up to full excitement level and you will start to orgasm; hit the arrow key as fast as your finger will move at this point to boost your dollar balance before you finish cumming.

All in all Digamour is a definite step in the right direction from Somavision, the graphics are pretty good and the gameplay is addictive and sexy and the sounds and dialogue are sensuous. It is worth taking a trial membership to check it out for yourself. If you are a fan of Somavision then you are sure to like their new offering. This is only the first version and new and better things are already planned for the next release, so watch this space.

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