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FemDomination demo review

FemDomination Demo Review

The FemDomination demo is a teaser of an extremely erotic and very unique sex game that is soon to be released from Citor3.  They are relying on public funding so if you want to help them to make what is shaping up to be an amazing game even better, then support them via their Patreon page.

What I will be reviewing here will be their demo, although I will show some of the other bits that have been available to supporters in the screenshots below to encourage your support.  The demo is freely downloaded from their home page and whilst the game has evolved significantly since the demo it is still extremely cool.

When you begin the demo, you are in the temple, your surroundings are dark and erotic, move the mouse and look around, use the cursor keys or the WASD keys to walk about.   The first port of call is to stand in front of the terms and conditions whilst your dominatrix will read them aloud … she will get very annoyed if you don’t let her finish reading them.  Once finished, use the X on your gamepad or the Y on your keyboard to open the door and begin the demo.

Take a look around your surroundings, a lot of effort has been put into a very cool design.   Navigate your way to the door and using your Oculus device look at the elevator style buttons to the left of the door, these will go orange when you can enter.  If like me you don’t have Oculus and you are using the keyboard, it takes a little effort to get yourself in the right place, fairly close and central to the button I found worked best.  Once orange, click the button to open the door, then walk inside.

Initially it’s dark, but soon, menus will start appearing. in order to operate the option you need to look at it with your Oculus glasses, or hover over it with the mouse, it will start spinning, faster and faster it goes until it disappears and you are in the demo. The option you want for the demo is the Chair.

The method of selecting the options in the demo is fairly rubbish in my opinion, but a lot has changed since the demo and the method used in the finished product will be way cooler so don’t let it put you off.

Once in the demo you will be lying down naked whilst your dominatrix sits opposite you and talks to you, the binaural beats will be playing in the background and she will be trying to hypnotise you whilst talking to you; all you have to do really is listen, relax, enjoy, and move your mouse to get the view you like best.

The FemDomination demo is a real turn on, it allows you to use your senses and imagination for a truly erotic experience which will end up in climax; it is an extremely cool demo which gives just a hint really of how this amazing game will progress.

I am not going to tell you too much about the actual experience, because as the FemDomination demo is free I would encourage it to try it for yourself, just don’t play it at work and do play it when you won’t be disturbed by anybody.

The FemDomination demo is just a precursor to what is looking to be possibly on of the most innovative games of this ilk to come up in a while, sure it has a long way to go, but Citor3 have big plans to make this beyond awesome!  Give it a try, it’s free so what have you got to lose … if you like it, support them with a few bucks a month on their Patreon page as it will give you extra benefits, including a special Patreon demo for supporters and other stuff.

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FemDomination Demo Review Overview

Graphics - 85%
Value for Money - 100%
Sound - 100%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Shaping up to be an awesome sex game

FemDomination looks like it will be the most awesome game of this ilk available when it is released and has a bit of history behind it.

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