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Gibo Stepmother's Sin Review

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin Review

The adult hentai game Gibo Stepmother’s Sin touches on the depravity of human nature. You will be able to download and play it free of the internet; however you will have to be connected to the internet whilst your registration details are validated.

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin will probably be self explanatory if you have played other adult hentai games.  The main menu appears at the top of the screen when you hover there with your mouse. There are many options including switching between full screen and windowed modes.

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin has a lewd meter and a love meter. The meters allow you to monitor Misako’s sexual perversion and her feelings for you; both meters react differently depending on the choices you make to get through the game.

Hentai sex games can be a little difficult to get used to. If you have never played one before then try searching for a walkthrough of the game to help you; search for “Gibo Stepmothers Sin walkthrough” and you should find something to help you.

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin has a multi-ending system, how you choose when a command selection is displayed will determine the ending.  There are 14 endings in total, so save frequently to allow you to choose differently.

Some may struggle with the story line as it can be quite dark and extreme, so just be aware. The father of Yusuke Yagami remarries, and the game addresses some of the psychological issues surrounding this; as you can imagine it is not a lighthearted tale.

Despite the depravity the story is well written and allows you to make game choices pretty quickly. The hentai sex come along faster than in some games, and some routes will promote better endings than others.

Yusuke Yagami is having a recurrent dream about his mother whom he witnessed having sex with another man; her adultery, which led to his parents divorce, has left him psychologically scarred. He now has issues regarding mothers and he is left believing that they are all unfaithful sluts.

You never see his father, but when Yusuke discovers he has remarried a beautiful woman, he decides to abuse her.  Bit by bit he trains her to be his sex slave and will do whatever it takes! The game contains hardcore sex scenes and dialog and is quite erotic which I am sure you will appreciate.

Gibo Stepmother’s Sin contains very nice graphics which are definitely erotic. It is a shame that there is no animation as that would really make it stand out. However, they are more  more hardcore than many and if you like BDSM will definitely appeal to your taste.   If you like Hentai to be more lighthearted read the Flower Knight Girl review which is a free hentai game.

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Gibo Stepmother's Sin Review Overview

Graphics - 87%
Value for Money - 84%
Repeat Play Value - 86%


A darkly erotic adult bishoujo game

Gibo Stepmother's Sin is darkly erotic covering the psychological issues of a son witnessing his mothers adultery. This will not be to everyone's taste.

User Rating: 5 ( 1 votes)

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