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Flower Knight Girl free online game

Flower Knight Girl Free Hentai Game

Flower Knight Girl is one of the latest free hentai games from Nutaku. In case you are unsure, Nutaku games are a collection of free online games and all you need to do to play them is to skip over to the site and create a free account; or you can join directly from this page using the form below.

Flower Knight Girl is a browser based RPG where your group of Flower Knights have to protect the Spring Garden in the World of Flowers, a world which up until a millennium ago was filled with crystal clear waters, lush greenery, and a land of happy people who sang and laughed and lived.

A millennium ago, the harbinger of doom came along and changed the world by turning harmless bugs into the pugnacious pests that now overrun this once pleasant land.  The Flower Knights are a brave order who follow an ancient code and speak the language of the flowers and they fight together to try to rid their secret garden of those pests that overrun it.  The Flower Knights are beautiful girls who follow their liege and will do anything for him.

You lead them through the fight collecting gifts and coins and special powers along the way and helping them to defeat the pugnacious pests and the raid bosses.  Shower your favourite Flower Knight Girl (or girls) with gifts that you gain along the way and when you get them to 100% they will throw themselves at you to do with as you will, these are the x-rated scenes that you will want to see again.

The Flower Knight Girl is entertaining although you generally (except for when you use the blast button) sit back and watch the fights wondering who is going to beat who.  Your task, should you choose to accept it, will be to pick the best Flower Knights and help them evolve their abilities to succeed against their foes.

It is simple to get started as you are taken through a trial battle and a tutorial, but there is also a very good help system that explains everything in depth, so read that before you play so you can get the most out of the Flower Knight Girl.   It’s free to play, and as a free member you get to play many other free online games too.

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