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Hungirly Review

Hungirly Review

Hungirly is an unusual online adult game that is in my opinion is aimed at a bit of a niche. It is a sort of a cross between a virtual sex game without the sex and a strip poker game without the poker. Don’t get me wrong, this type of game will be sure to interest you if you like erotic (but not hardcore) adult games where you get to interact with pretty girls to decide the outcome.

You can play Hungirly for free but in order to progress through the games you will need to buy credits, the credits are quite a good price at 80 for $19.95 but it is quite easy to use them up quickly if you don’t know what you are doing or don’t save the game.

Hungirly RPG offers you a selection of pretty Hungarian girls in different situations. The stories are outlined for you and you begin your quest by selecting choices of answers, this may be something you have to do, or something that you have to say. For the most part this is fairly obvious and if you treat the girls respectfully you will get to see them naked.

For me the game seemed a little simplistic, and whilst this is often a good thing in this case I felt that it perhaps lacked a little something to keep me interested. It is still easy to make mistakes and get shunned (I made my fair share) but it is not absorbing, well not for me anyway.

Whilst game play does lead you down slightly different routes, depending on your choices you will either end up disappointed after failing to charm the girl’s panties off, or you succeed in your quest. The downside to this is that in the same way that it was said that all roads lead to Rome so it seems all paths through the game lead to just one single happy ending for each girl.

Where you can lose credits quite quickly is if you make wrong choices after you have just spent some credits performing a task because if you take the same route you will have to spend them again the next time you play. You can however save the game (at a cost of 1 credit) which will allow you to continue from that point so it may be worth considering if you have just spent 5 credits buying the hottie an ice cream for example and are unsure of the answers.

There are times when you don’t really have to respond to progress through the game but just get to see the girl looking more erotic with each choice you make. A nice touch here is that you get to enlarge the picture at any point that you want a closer look at the girl.

Depending on your take on what an adult game should be you may find the endings a little disappointing because there is no real sex action, no including you in the shot in a POV sort of way, it is just the girl in different stages of nudity. Don’t get me wrong, these girls are very pretty and have fine bodies but I feel that it needs a bit more.

As suggestions for improvement I would say that increasing the paths through the game that lead to a different good ending would be an idea. Having a number of alternate happy endings especially if some were made to be XXX adult endings rather than simple nudity would be better. Alternatively have some girls that perform hardcore and some that perform softer adult endings. Also the addition of more of these Hungarian hotties would definitely be welcome as there are only 5 at the moment.

Remember, Hungirly is a free adult game so you have nothing to lose by trying it out. If you don’t like the look of it then don’t buy any credits, it is in its own way quite addictive so you may be pleasantly surprised.

Hungirly will almost certainly appeal to lovers of soft adult games. If you like looking at pretty girls naked and enjoy a challenge in order to get them that way then why not take a look for yourself.

Hungirly, like so many games before it, has now gone. I hadn’t realised just how many until revisiting my posts from years before.  The best alternative I could suggest is the Life Selector Game. You can read the Life Selector review to find out more, or visit the site below.

Visit Life Selector

Hungirly Review Overview

Graphics - 80%
Value for Money - 70%
Repeat Play Value - 65%


Unusual Free Virtual Sex Game

Hungirly is an unusualadul game that is aimed more at lovers of titillation than sex.

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