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Bum Tropics review

Bum Tropics Review

Bum Tropics is a gay adult game from the Somavision Corporation. 3D gay games are pretty popular and this one enables you to get it on with ten different virtual guys; it is the gay version of Pink Tropics.

On starting Bum Tropics you will be able to go full screen or windowed; to continue you will need to type in the login details shown in the membership area of the Bum Tropics website.

Bum Tropics is set in a hotel located somewhere in the South Pacific. Your role is as a naked male walking round a hotel trying to find open doors. Once found, you can go in and ass fuck, blow, tease or play with the ten gay hunks. Not all gay men are available at once, you have to progress through the levels.  Whilst you do however, you will be earning cash, having orgasms and jizzing all over them, cool existence for horny gay men!

At the point you have your orgasm you must repeatedly hit the forward arrow key; this will enable you to boost the cash you earn and the size of your orgasm bonus.

From the main menu you can enter the hotel or customise your character. The customization options are a little limited by comparison to games such as 3D Gay Sex Villa. You will need to spend some of the cash you earn to access certain options such as penis length and thickness.

Once in the hotel take a walk around. The best way to move around the scene is to use the forward arrow key whilst using your mouse to navigate round the building, it makes moving around fast and very smooth. The reception is round the back of the staircase on the ground floor. Walk round in front of the girl and a room plan will be displayed showing you which rooms have guys in that you can have sex with.

If you like the other games from Somavision then you will love this one. It also is similar in style to Velvet Express; naked man walking round looking for sex whilst moody nostalgic music plays in the background.

In order to have sex with a guy you have to approach his door. You will be informed if the door you are trying to enter is unavailable on this level. Once you are inside the room, you have to use your cursor keys and the enter key to select the sexual positions.

There are two energy level meters. The right hand one is for the guy you are fucking, the one on the left is for you. You need to boost his Mojo level by clicking your mouse when what looks like a football reaches the centre of a target at the base of a semi-transparent cock, not as easy as it looks.  However, if your Mojo drops before you build up your partners then you will see the words “impotent loser” as he laughs at you.

You can re-enter the room for more sex, and his level will still be at the level you built it up to so you don’t have to start from scratch. Having sex results in a lot of squelching sounds and the guy will say things like “put your dick in my ass” or “I want your cock to go in my mouth” plus many more. In order to get to the rooms on the first floor you need to walk up the staircase and at the top turn left to go around. If you turn right you will not be able to walk to the rooms as the character will stop half way along the balcony.

Sometimes throughout the game whilst wandering around aimlessly the game seems to get stuck; if it does just hit the “r” key and this will reset your position to the lobby, this happened to me a couple of times but not often.

The graphics on the Bum Tropics gay adult game are good, but not as good as 3D sex games like 3D Gay Villa 2. However the fact that you have to progress through the levels adds some further interest in the game.

My one complaint with the Gay Tropics game is the same issue that I had with Digamour; there should be some option to play out the scene in a non point scoring mode. The reason for this is because whilst you are focusing on the target you don’t really get to see the action.

I have been speaking with Somavision and they are now addressing this issue which will be made available as a download when it is ready.

As a member of Bum Tropics you should also have access to some HD video etc although there did not seem to be any at the time of writing this review. This is only the first version and it is good to see Somavision are also starting to produce games for gay and bisexual men.

Bum Tropics is no longer available, but there are other offerings that may be of interest instead. Read the 3D GayVilla Review to see an alternative game.

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