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Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition, is a massive creation and the best episode of this series so far. This episode concludes the current story, and what an awesome conclusion too.

Puppetmaster’s creations seem to be a firm favourite with fans of futanari; if you like them, you can get the Sensual Adventures episodes 1-4 bundle here, and at a huge saving too. Since watching the first episode I have been amazed by the quality of the animations; Sensual Adventures episode 4 takes them to the next level in my opinion, in addition, it is over 30 minutes in length.

If you are reading this, you probably like futanari, however, if it is new to you, still read on. Whilst futanari is not my first choice of 3DX animation, it can be undeniably erotic; as is the case with the Sensual Adventures saga.

In the early days, adult games were few and far between. 1981 saw the popularity rise of the adult text adventure, SoftPorn; in the 1990s this evolved into the popular series of games by Sierra Online called Leisure Suit Larry; these paved the way for quality, tongue in cheek, adult games. In recent years, thanks to advances in technology and programming, games and animations have reached a new high.

Like the previous episodes of sensual Adventures,  you get versions of the animations for both PC and mobile. The mobile versions are just reduced in size, not content

Sensual Adventures episode 4, The Expedition – the Story

The Sensual Adventures saga may be new to you, if it is, then read our reviews of the previous episodes; Sensual Adventures episode 1: The Reunion, Sensual Adventures episode 2: The Confession and Sensual Adventures episode 3: The Exhibition; these will help you to catch up on the story so far.

Sensual Adventures episode 4 begins with Brittany and Trinity in the desert; they are looking for the hidden Egyptian ruins from their treasure map, they find it.  upon discovering the way into the ruins they get more than they bargained for. Transported by magic to a lost time in Egyptian history, they are the guardians of a beautiful princess, with an insatiable appetite for sex. The princess is not a dickgirl, but she tells them what she wants, and they obey.

If you are looking for 3DX futanari sex, look no further. From four and a half minutes into the story there is almost non stop sex; the quality of animation is outstanding. Every episode seems to have improved on the last, and Sensual Adventures episode 4 is no exception.

There are around nine different sexual positions that you’ll encounter, some sensual, some explicit; also there are some very sensuous kissing scenes.

Who will Enjoy This 3DX Animation?

Lovers of the Sensual Adventures saga will be sure to enjoy this truly full length conclusion. Brittany and Trinity are two very sexy futas; the princess is gorgeous and will appeal to those who prefer regular women. Futanari is not for everyone, but if you are open minded and like explicit 3DX animations, it may be worth taking a look.  The screenshots below will help you to decide if you would like to look further.

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You can save nearly 50% on the Puppet Master 2019 Collection. The collection includes all puppet master 3DX animations and adult games. Included in this offer is the entire Sensual Adventures series and the game; see the full list of what’s included in the offer here.

Get Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition

Sensual Adventures Episode 4: The Expedition Review Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 98%
Sound - 97%
Repeat Play Value - 98%


An awesome conclusion to this Sensual Adventures Story

The graphics in this futanari 3DX animation are exquisite. Brittany and Trinity have had several adventures, they will be likely to continue, but this episode concludes the current story in an ancient Egyptian ruin with a beautiful princess.

User Rating: 3.34 ( 3 votes)

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