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Sensual Adventures Episode 2 Review

Sensual Adventures Episode 2 Review

Sensual Adventures episode 2, The Confession, is the continuation of the Sensual Adventures story.  Once again Puppet Master have created a top quality full length futanari animation for you to enjoy; like the last episode, the running time is around 15 minutes.  If you are new to the Sensual Adventures saga then it may be worth reading about Sensual Adventures episode 1, The Reunion.

The second episode is not the last, it is a continuing saga, where it will end I do not know. The graphics in Sensual Adventures episode 2, The Confession will not disappoint you, they are stunning; but then this is also true of the first instalment.  Not everybody will enjoy dickgirl animations like Sensual Adventures, but if you have never seen any they are worth a look … how else will you know.

I am always in awe of the level of reality that studios like Puppet Master manage to inject into their animations; movements, anatomy and sounds are all so realistic, it’s like a big screen production. If you are interested, they also have the same level of reality in Sensual Adventures the game, a futanari sex adventure game with Brittany and Trinity.

When you buy Sensual Adventures episode 2 you get mobile versions and versions for the PC.  Each contains two video files (MP4 format), one with music and one without.  The only difference between those files for the PC and those for your mobile phone or tablet are that the mobile ones are smaller; enabling them to take less space on your device.

Sensual Adventures episode 2, The Confession – the Story

If you have already watched Sensual Adventures episode 1, The Reunion then you will know about Brittany’s hot ex girlfriend Trinity. In the first episode she just turned up in Brittany’s apartment out of the blue, and offering no real reason.  Initially unwelcome, futa Brittany was soon seduced by her into having sex; she just couldn’t resist her charms, oh and her hot body.

Sensual Adventures episode 2 begins where the last episode left off.  After Brittany and Trinity had both climaxed, Brittany wanted more; she decided to repay the favour and this is where the new episode starts.

The seduction commences with Brittany enthusiastically sucking Trinity; if there is one thing these two dickgirls know, it’s how to give good head to each other.

The Sensual Adventures episode 2 futanari animation is loaded with eroticism and hardcore sex.  Progressing from a blowjob to a 69 is not nearly enough; you are treated to pussy fingering and even futanari pussy fucking.  There’s much more besides and the sex in the scene finally comes to a climax in the truest sense of the word. There are explosive orgasms, creampies and swallowing; never will you see this much fluid in real life.

It is fair to say that despite the hardcore nature of this animation it is sensually executed; it is more like the lovers in a new relationship than the actors in a 1970s porn film.

The animation ends with the true reason for Trinity turning up being confessed; leaving the introduction to the as yet uncreated Sensual Adventures episode 3.

Who will Enjoy Sensual Adventures episode 2?

Anybody who likes dickgirls or who is a fan of futanari will enjoy the Sensual Adventures animations.  If you liked the first episode then you are bound to find the latest instalment a pleasure to watch.

Those amongst you who liked Girlfriends 4 Ever dickgirls animation will also like the Sensual Adventures series. These futanari animations will likely appeal to sex lovers of many persuasions; especially those who enjoy 3DX.  I have included screenshots below, but take a look at the product page for full information.

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Sensual Adventures Episode 2: The Confession Review Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 95%
Repeat Play Value - 93%


High Octane Futanari Sex With Brittany and Trinity

The saga continues with dickgirls Brittany and Trinity having amazing high quality Futanari sex before Trinity finally confesses as to why she's there.

User Rating: 2.85 ( 2 votes)

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