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Sensual Adventures The Game Review

Sensual Adventures the Game, is a progression of the increasingly popular  Sensual Adventures series of animations. If you are a lover of futanari and are a regular visitor of Adult Games News you may have seen the review of Sensual Adventures.

The Sensual Adventures series of animations is ongoing, but at the time of writing there have been three episodes.  Sensual Adventure the Game takes place in Brittany’s apartment, it can be played on the PC and also on your android device.

Sensual Adventures The Game

There are two ways to play Sensual Adventures the Game, either in Quick Play, or in Story Mode. The story mode adds some humour, and allows you to pick up inventory but will ultimately end in sex; with Brittany, or by yourself, it will depend on the chapter of which there are currently three.  You can add the inventory but I am not sure how much you can do with it; however, I would imagine as more chapters are added the adventure mode will become more in depth. Adventure mode is  probably best used when you are not in a hurry to see sex; it does add value to the game though.

Quick play was my favourite mode of play.  Basically, you can roam around the apartment and click on any of the 10 hearts that are floating in mid air.  Each heart will allow you to have sex with Brittany in a different way.  Depending on the sexual position, you may be able to switch between anal and pussy sex; also you can swap who’s on top, or behind.  When it comes to orgasm’s then you can opt for Brittany or Trinity, or both.

There is no limit to how many times you can click on the hearts; click away merrily and get yourself all sexed out.  The sex scenes include sound as well which all adds to the enjoyment.

Thoughts about the Game

Sensual Adventures the Game is entertaining in both modes of play; however if it’s sex you’re after, then play the quick play game. The graphics are pretty awesome, throughout both modes of play; not quite as good as the animations, but still awesome. My only comment regarding graphics was that some of the reflection made some body parts a little too shiny; however, some of that comes down to taste.

Sensual Adventures the Game isn’t bad value for money, especially if you enjoyed the animations.  You can choose the sex position you like to see Brittany and Trinity enjoying time over time; control the speed and position and get them to cum only when you are ready for them to.

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Sensual Adventures the Game Review Overview

Graphics - 93%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 92%
Repeat Play Value - 95%


Control Trinity and Brittany to See the Sex You Want to See

Lovers of the Sensual Adventures animations will enjoy this futanari game featuring the two sexy futas Trinity and Brittany.

User Rating: 4.05 ( 3 votes)

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