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Strip Poker Review

The Strip Poker game from UPlay-IStrip is a very polished and graphically pleasing game which combines the fun of poker with the joy of watching beautiful women (mainly European) stripping themselves naked.  Strip Poker is the most popular of the UPlay-IStrip games of which there are currently five.

The game is a standard game of Texas Hold’em poker, and if you don’t know how to play, use the help and it will explain the rules for you, a print button would be good here so you could print the rules to refer to. I am not a Texas Hold’em player so there was a bit of a learning curve for me but if you know the rules already then the gameplay will be a breeze.

When you first launch the strip poker game it will open full screen, however there are standard windows buttons which will enable you to quickly minimise the application to the system tray (if the boss walks in) or window it (not resizeable). This is a beautifully skinned adult game so it is as good as playing full screen when windowed anyway.

There is not a great deal of dialogue in this strip poker game, and no background noise or music which did leave me looking for the mute button on occasion to see if I had hit is by mistake. This however is offset by the fact that you can create a play list of your own mp3s to play as background which is a nice addition.

You can play the strip poker game with up to four opponents, the cost of these is €10 each (two tickets) or you can buy 80 tickets for €100 making the cost €2.50 per girl.

Once you have selected your players they will introduce themselves (sometimes in English, sometimes not), you can skip this thanks to the addition of next/previous track buttons for the video. There is also a pause button which is cool if a favourite girl is looking hot!

The girls start with $500 and you start with $100 which I think is a little low, I found that as a beginner I was constantly losing which I found a little frustrating. In addition, when the girls lose their clothing (each time they drop below the next $100 mark) it is great, but if they win the money back again they get to put them back on, this can make this game of strip poker very difficult to complete for a beginner.

I think the addition of an options menu would be nice so that you could set the amount of cash you get to start the game with, and also an option to prevent the girls from putting their clothes back on after they have lost them.

All that said, don’t be put off, the girls are beautiful and getting to see them naked is definitely a treat for the eye. It will also hone your Texas Hold’em skills whilst not losing any real money and it definitely does keep you absorbed.

Throughout the game the girls perform short tantalising video clips to tease you and put you off your game, and when they perform their strip it is erotic and good to watch.

If you like strip poker, like to see beautiful girls naked and want a game that keeps you absorbed and is good value for money then you won’t go far wrong with the UPlay-IStrip strip poker game.

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Strip Poker Review Overview

Graphics - 87%
Value for Money - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Strip Poker is a saucy Texas Hold 'em game

Strip Poker is one of five games available from UPlay-IStrip. It is the most popular of the five with more girls than any of the others and a DVD version too.

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