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ActiveDolls Review

When you start the ActiveDolls virtual 3D sex game you will see that it is a full screen adult game which means plenty of in your face action! The opening screen is appealing, showing the sort of quality of graphics you can expect. There are five sections accessible from the main screen, these are models, dressing room, session, album and help.

To start with I will mention the ActiveDolls help which is very good. The help will load in your web browser which is excellent because if you want to print any of it you can, however that being said you won’t need it much. When reviewing any adult game I always like to get straight into it and leave help and manuals until I get stuck to see just how intuitive the sex game is.

Firstly you will want to select your model, there are six to choose from and very nice they are too. There is a good cross section to select from so more than one will suit your taste. Once you have selected your main model you can then select your virtual sex game.

The next step is to go to the dressing room, one point to note here is that there seems to be no way to directly dress both models from here. You can dress your main model, but in order to dress your partner you have to select her as the main model. This is only a slight irritation, but nothing major as the dressing room setting will be remembered.

The ActiveDolls dressing room is fantastic you get a huge amount to choose from across four categories, dress, accessories, makeup and hair. This just goes to show that this game is fantastic for women too they can accessorize their models in 1001 ways!

You can choose your sexy 3D model’s whole wardrobe from her street wear to her underwear, even her shoes. Allow her to have nipple rings, earrings, tattoos, school ties, contact lens colour, the list is huge so go wild!

Next I selected session, here you get to select your location from Italy, Japan, Carpaths and the South Pacific. You will be taken to your chosen location and your hot virtual 3D babe will say a few things to you, mine spoke in a sort of cross between London cockney and Australian but it was actually quite sexy.

Down the left hand side you will see a tick against each of the clothes she is wearing. Not one to hang around, I unticked them all to get her naked straight away! The graphics are fantastic, I have seen slightly better in some of the other sex games but make no mistake about it these are excellent, and the way she plays with herself is much more realistic than most.

Select the location you want her within the room from a choice of four, then select from up to five postures, I had her kneeling on the floor with her hand on her pussy. Turn off auto pose and put her into auto sex mode, you can then use the mouse to rotate around her and zoom in on the action.

She slides her fingers in and out of her virtual pussy groaning erotically as she brings herself to orgasm. This was some of the most erotic masturbation I have seen from the 3D virtual sex games I have reviewed so far. If you are not happy with her fingers then select a vibrator for her to play with.

When you have her just as you want her click the left mouse button to take a photo for your album of her, you can take fast shots so you don’t miss any of the action.

If you would prefer you can turning off auto sex and control the action yourself with your mouse, but to be honest I think that the auto sex mode is far better, but play with it yourself (the game that is) to see what you think.

When you are fed up with her playing with her own pussy why not get her partner involved who will have sex with her with a strap on. I found the limitation here was that you could not seem to change how they had sex together, no 69 for example, it was erotic but more choice would have been nice.

A really nice touch in ActiveDolls and quite unique amongst the 3D virtual sex games that I have reviewed to date is the ability to select the mood lighting as this does change the feel of the whole scene, you could have her playing with herself in the daylight, dusk, night time or even a purple or sci-fi tone. In addition you could opt to take pictures in sepia or black and white.

The creators of the game also do a newer and amazing all girl game called Girlvania.  You can read the Girlvania review to find out more information.

ActiveDolls is a fantastic sex game with some of the most realistic 3D virtual masturbation around, good graphics and sound make this one adult sex game that is worth taking a look at.

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ActiveDolls Review Overview

Graphics - 85%
Value for Money - 80%
Repeat Play Value - 80%


Quality 3D virtual modelling sex game

Take a trip through the life of a glamour model with ActiveDolls, throw in quality virtual sex and graphics and you have a game worth looking at.

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