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3D Kink Review

3D Kink Review

3D kink was a 3D sex game from Kink; they are one of the most well known providers of extreme adult porn and kinky sex around. 3D Kink was a specialised version of 3D SexVilla  2 that has now been retired. It had been created specifically for lovers of fetish and BDSM. It contained all the fetish content from the original game but was a little limited in content.  But fear not fetish lovers you can download the original 3D Sex Villa game which includes all the content of 3D Kink and so much more.  Read more about 3D Sex Villa

Inside 3D Kink (3D Sex Villa) you will be able to explore your fantasies with up to three characters in a variety of kinky sex scenarios that you control. You can decide where, when and how you want sex, and with whom your sexual fantasies will take place.  You will be able to customise the look of your players from their bodies to their clothing.  You can customise poses and even design a dildo.

When you play the 3D Kink (3D Sex Villa) fetish game you get a choice of three ways to play. Quick Mode is the best way to get started if you are in a hurry, there is a Free Mode which lets you select a location and a Story Mode that requires you to select answers to questions to progress, this was my favourite one.

When you play the 3D Kink (3D Sex Villa) in anything but Quick Mode you can earn sex coins. These are a virtual currency earned during game play and allow you to buy sex packs from the sex shop. With more coins you can get more content, there are also loyalty coins for remaining a member.

The best way to start is by using the tutorial which covers most aspects of the game and has been very well written.  The help system is also excellent and definitely worth a look. Next I would suggest you try all the options and just see what happens.

Once playing 3D Kink (3D Sex Villa), a right click menu will allow you to dress or undress your characters amongst other things, including customisation or camera angle selection.

3D Kink (3D Sex Villa) is a simple and fun sex game which offers the same fluid movement as 3D Sex Villa 2 with full 360 degree movement and extreme zoom.  There is a sex browser for quick selection of sex positions. toys and outfits.  Also you have the ability to control the speed of any body parts performing sex acts and therefore boost the excitement levels.

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3D Kink Review Overview

Graphics - 97%
Value for Money - 94%
Sound - 93%
Repeat Play Value - 98%


The Fetish Lovers 3D Sex Villa 2

3D Kink benefits from awesome graphics fast fluid movement and realistic, quality sounds and chat so for  alternative virtual sex game lovers this could be what you are looking for.

User Rating: 2.53 ( 19 votes)

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