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Absolute Obedience review

Absolute Obedience Review

Absolute Obedience is a Japanese BL game (also known as gay hentai games or yaoi games) that has been given English subtitles. You are able to follow the game as one of two different characters with a choice of six different missions each.  Each of the missions has six different endings so there is plenty of life to the game.

If you complete all 12 missions in Absolute Obedience with the correct endings you will unlock two more “secret missions”.  I did not achieve this myself but it does represent good value for money.

The first of the two characters you get to choose from in Absolute Obedience is Louise Hardwick.  Louise will always use flattery to get what he wants, he is young and handsome with blonde hair.  Louise is very popular and has an abundance of self confidence, but if you upset him you may see a meaner side to his personality.  He carries a bull whip and a gun to keep everyone in order; he is the son of an important German family.

The second of the two main characters in Absolute Obedience is Kia WelBehenna.  Kia in contrast to Louise is not charming but he is a bad boy; he has a short temper and he is cocky.  His travelling companion is Tigg, his dog,  and they travel around on a motorcycle.  Kia is an intelligent young man with a foul mouth and poor breeding; he doesn’t like to fall for the hot guys so he lets it happen the other way around.

This type of game is not really my thing but it deserves reviewing for those of you who like it.  It has a bit of a dark side with scenes of male rape; it is explicit and erotic in dialog and can be emotional.  Absolute Obedience contains good graphics and sounds.

If you like dialog rich games then this will be suited to your tastes because at times there seemed to be a little too much text before the images changed.  There needed to be more images relating to the dialog instead of just showing an empty bed or an alley at night.   Within the game there are plenty of images to please most BL game lovers, it is just that some missions seemed lacking, maybe it was a censorship thing.

Absolute Obedience has enough variation in the story lines to keep you occupied for hours. The images when present are erotic and graphic, and the story lines will keep you absorbed.  If you are interested in dark BL games then take a look at the Enzai Falsely Accused review.

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Absolute Obedience Review Overview

Graphics - 78%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 75%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


A dark, disturbing erotic BL game

Absolute Obedience has heaps of eroticism and dark sexual acts for lovers of extreme BL games.

User Rating: 4.65 ( 1 votes)

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