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Enzai Falsely Accused Review

Enzai Falsely Accused Review

Enzai Falsely Accused is a Japanese yaoi game which is very dark in nature; it was the first Japanese BL game to be released in English. I don’t know if all Japanese gay hentai games are dark or whether it’s just poor choice on my part; however, it was a little too dark for my taste!  If you like BL games, then read the Absolute Obedience review as it is another BL game.

The main character in Enzai Falsely Accused is Guys who is a strong willed young man just 18 years old; he lives in Napoleonic France and hates to lose.

Guys is taken to the police for theft after he was caught stealing from a shop. Whilst with the police he is falsely accused of the murder of a man he doesn’t even know.

Guys ends up in a dark, dank prison thanks to an inept and drunk lawyer and police corruption. He is destined to spend a life in prison ruled by violence, torture and fear. Also he is forced to endure beatings and all manner of sexual abuse and rape; despite continuing to profess his innocence!

If, like me, you don’t like gay hentai games of a dark nature then Enzai Falsely Accused will not be for you. I would not have continued with it if I were not doing this review. There seems to be no way of escaping the atrocities that befall Guys. Despite multiple paths through the game and different endings, all those I followed left Guys being raped again and again so be warned.

Whilst in Prison he meets Durer who is a 30 year old sadistic prison guard. Durer takes great delight in bringing pain and suffering to the prisoners.

Many of the characters within the game have different endings, I did not play long enough to discover them all but suffice to say some are good and some not so. I think it will take you a while to complete the game via all paths and so I believe it offers pretty good value for money.

Always save the game before you are asked a question and then you will be able to load from that point to explore a different route, rather than replaying the whole thing. If looking for different endings try searching the internet for Enzai walkthrough.

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Enzai Falsely Accused Review Overview

Graphics - 86%
Value for Money - 92%
Sound - 80%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


An extremely dark Japanese BL game

Darker than most gay hentai games I would imagine, Enzai Falsely accused takes you to the edge of despair as you follow the trials of Guys in a Napoleonic prison.

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