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Coffee Shop Interactive Story

Coffee Shop – Interactive Story Review

Coffee Shop Interactive Story is an alternative version of the Coffee Shop image set available from Affect3D.

I haven’t seen the image set, but I would imagine that it has been turned into this game; a good thing, as it offers alternative ways of viewing, depending on which you prefer.  You make choices within the game which will effect the outcome.  There are two possible outcomes, you either crash and burn, or you don’t.

The Background Story

You are a photographer, asked by your boss to do a photo shoot. You meet Scarlett at a coffee shop and you introduce yourselves to each other.

The coffee shop has an extremely sexy barista called Leah, she is a rare beauty, dark hair and beautiful eyes; Scarlett fancies her, but doesn’t have the courage to tell her. Scarlett would like you to help introduce her.  What Scarlett doesn’t realise is that Leah is a futa and has a massive cock. If you help them to meet, she will discover it and then she badly wants it inside her.

When it comes to conversation, make your choices wisely; say the wrong things and they’ll get another photographer and there the story ends. Say the right things however and you will be able to choose the best sex position, also where Leah gets to cum; face, butt or pussy, the choice could be yours.

Our Thoughts About the Coffee Shop Interactive Story

When you first launch the Coffee Shop Interactive Story it really exudes quality.  The interface is pleasing and simple to navigate, and the graphics are outstanding.  OK, so the game is created from images, if you are looking for animations you won’t find any; however, in this case I didn’t actually think it needed any.

The story is simple, and I don’t think it was difficult to see which choices would give the best outcome. I liked the fact that there were background noises such as the coffee machine or cars going by; it added to the authenticity.  This is also true of the sex scenes as there is some moaning to add to the eroticism.

I would suggest saving the game at the point that you are asked if there were any angles you would like to shoot again; you can then replay any of the three sex scenes again, with or without a cumshot, simply by loading from the save game.  You can save the game as many times as you want.

A nice touch is that you can run the game full screen if you wish, and you can hide the user interface with a simple click on the cross; another simple click restores it.

At just under $10 I thought that this game represents great value for money.  Although the pathways through the game are not complex or too in depth, they are interesting. As Coffee Shop Interactive Story is such a well polished game you will want to try it a few times I am sure.

If you enjoy multiple pathway games may also like Cockwork Industries, as it was an interesting game with more pathways.

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Coffee Shop Interactive Story Review Overview

Graphics - 96%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


A Nicely Polished Interactive Visual Novel

Coffee Shop Interactive Story is a simple game, a visual novel, designed to make it more enjoyable than simply viewing images; the quality of which are awesome.

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