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Hard Dick’s Night Review

Hard Dick’s Night is a full length 3DX animation that offers a little bit of a unique perspective.  It is not quite as long as animations like Bloodlust Cerene, but it is no less enjoyable. If you like dickgirls then it is possibly one for the shortlist.

This is the second animation from the same artist. If you like it you will be able to find the other in the Affect3D store; here you will also find thousands more images, animations and adult games.

More about Hard Dick’s Night

Corky is a sexy tattooed futa who has been hiding her dick under her skirt at work all day; whilst working with her anal beads in her ass.  She works in a bar called Hard Dick’s Night.

She lives in a futuristic world, way up in a luxury penthouse apartment with views over the city; and views into her apartment from the city. When she gets home she wants to do nothing more than relax and fantasise … she certainly knows what she would like to do to some of the girls at the bar.

Fantasising about the other dickgirls she pleasures herself in multiple ways.  All the while you will be getting a visual treat as you peak into her fantasy world.

She knows just what she would like to do to the other futas, and what she wants done to her; and, as this is her fantasy world, everything is as she wants it.  The graphics, as you would expect, are incredible, even the physically impossible looks real.

How Sexy is Hard Dick’s Night

Well, as with all things it depends on your taste as to the sexiness; the fact you are reading this review would suggest it may appeal. Within the reality and the fantasy of Corky, you will experience autofellatio and autofellatio combined with titty fucking. She will use a cock ring (actually her favourite dessert donut) to masturbate, and a dildo in her arse, she will suck on one too.  There are blowjobs, android sex and much more; plus the hugest ejaculations.

This unusual take on a dickgirls movie is very unique, androids, robots, sex toys, tattoos and piercings are part of the charm.  Corky herself is pretty sexy, and in my opinion the resemblance to Angelina Jolie (particularly the lips) can be no mistake.

If you like 3DX movies or animations featuring dickgirls then Hard Dick’s Night will appeal.  It is around 18 minutes long so it is a decent length and you will want to watch it again; if you are not sure if you like futas see the screenshots below.

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Gard Dick's Night Review Overview

Graphics - 98%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 92%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


A very unique dickgirls animation

Hard Dick's night is a very unique dickgirls animation that has fabulous graphics and an interesting take on futa erotica.

User Rating: 2.36 ( 8 votes)

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