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iStripper Girls

iStripper Girls

iStripper is likely to be the only virtual stripper game you’ll ever need in my opinion and the iStripper girls are seriously hot.  Over 22 million users have been fans of this free … yes, FREE, stripper game since the 1990s.  You can read our iStripper review if you would like to find out more.

For over a decade I have been reviewing adult games; you will see that there are many types for you to try or buy. Whatever your tastes you will be likely to find an adult game that you can make fit; however, few (if any) have been here for as long as iStripper, and fewer with as many satisfied users.

With iStripper you choose how you want to see the girls.  If you are happy for a sexy, and often very erotic, strip which still exposes bare flesh, then you can play completely for free.  There are nearly 600 models and nearly 3,500 shows, these figures just keep growing.  As I type this I am watching two extremely hot women playing with each other right there in front of me.  A single click on the sexy girls makes them bigger or smaller, and a single right click gives you options.

There really is no need to purchase any of the iStripper girls if you are happy with erotica. If you like sexily dressed girls teasing you, there are a plethora of women all freely downloadable. With each free preview there is the option to buy her show with credits; the average cost is around 20 to 25 credits. Credits however can be purchased in big blocks, the bigger the block (up to 500) the greater the saving.

Below the girl teasing you in the strip show preview is a button that says see me naked; click the button and a little window will open on screen with a picture of her naked.

I started off simply watching the free shows (a long while ago); within days I started wanting to see the full shows, you will probably feel the same way. You are able to enjoy the full shows forever once you have paid for them; also you can watch the free shows as often as you like.

If you want to see an example of some of the hot American girls performing then take a look at our iStripper video preview.

The first step is to download the iStripper game here for free this will enable you to watch thousands of free sexy previews or to buy the full nude shows.  Once you have the free software you can enjoy the iStripper girls every day.

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iStripper Girls
iStripper Girls
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