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Sexy Chess Review

Sexy Chess Review

Sexy Chess adds to the unusual diversity of strip games available from UPlay-IStrip. This is fairly unique and as with their Strip Sudoku adult game is not one which you would have thought would have been created.

There is however a nice twist to the Sexy Chess game in that once you have beaten your opponent and seen her naked you can choose to have her naked when you play future games, result!

At the moment there are four girls available they are extremely sexy, and when playing with them naked I think you will imagine better things you could be doing with her than playing chess!

After selecting your opponent the game will launch with her lying on a couch the opposite side of the chess board. There are standard windows buttons which will enable you to quickly minimise the application to the system tray, or make it full screen. The graphics in the Sexy Chess adult game are fantastic so either way is good.

After a brief introduction you get to start the game, select your piece and point to the square you want to move it to, allowed squares are shown for you. There are three choices of board view but 2 seemed to do the same thing.

The cost is two tickets for each girl you download to strip for you tickets are currently available for €10 for two tickets up to €100 for 80 tickets, not a bad price when you they are yours to keep once downloaded.  The tickets can be used for any of the five strip games that you can access as part of your UPlay-IStrip membership.

As for the chess well, if you like chess then this will be a good diversion even without the hot girls. When your opponent has made her move she will start seductively touching herself (whether naked or clothed). At least with the Sexy Chess adult game you can get the porn whilst you get the Pawn!!

One slight downside that I found with the Sexy Chess game is that you have to play the whole game out before she will strip for you completely. She does take her panties down to play with herself though. Also she shows you her tits and rubs them seductively for you which is very erotic, but she dresses afterwards.

The sexy chess girls are incredibly good looking with extremely fine bodies so you won’t mind waiting for the complete strip, unless of course you are completely rubbish at Chess!

If you like chess then the Sexy Chess adult game is definitely worth a look, especially at this price. Your sexy opponent will make the game memorable, beat her and the next one will be better still!!

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Sexy Chess Review Overview

Graphics - 87%
Value for Money - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 85%


Possibly the most unusual strip game

Sexy Chess is not your typical strip game, but if you like hot naked women and you like chess, then this could be for you. Play chess, beat your opponent and they will strip, next time you play them they will be naked.

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