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Virtual Encyclopaedia of Sex Review

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is a combined effort from both Artmunk (The Velvet Express and Love Chess: Age of the Empires) and Play Girl.

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is a sex education tool. It uses state of the art 3D gaming techniques and animations to create something that is both both an adult game and an instructional sex guide. The sex education element of the guide contains help and advice on some of the most exciting sexual positions around. Advice comes from leading authorities like Dr. Alan Manevitz and sexologist Jayme Waxman.

The high quality of the Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex adult game is apparent from the outset.  Once loaded you have the option of changing the game’s settings (such as screen size and sound effect volumes) before you click the big redish start button.

Once started you can select from seven couples; couples can be defined by you to your own specification using the excellent customisation screen. You can define skin colour, clothing options, breast size, pussy hair style and a few facial options for the girl. For the man you can define tattoos and body hair in replacement of the clothing options.

The customisation screen could be improved slightly by giving you a little more choice, penis size or piercings etc; however there are more than enough options to keep you happy. There are arrows on the screen to rotate your characters to see what they look like from all angles.

On each screen there are various info buttons, these toggle between on and off each time you click them; for example, the question mark when clicked will display a useful help screen, click it again to make it disappear. When you are happy with your customisations, click the heart button to move into lovemaking mode.

One of the things I like most about the gameplay in the Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is the choice; you can either sit back and watch, read the how to guide on the sexual position you have chosen, listen to the sexologist (who has an extremely sexy voice by the way) explain the position or play it as an adult game.

There are a massive number of sexual positions to choose from. However, some of the positions need to be unlocked by gaining achievements. To see what achievements you have already gained and what you need to do to gain others just click the button that looks like the sun.

The way to win achievements is quite simple once you get the hang of it; winning them however will involve you paying attention to what is needed.  To play the game click the CTRL key; this will display a second arc on the screen with a dot moving along it. When the dot becomes level with lines click the CTRL again and you will gain hearts.

In order to gain the maximum number of hearts you will need to let your excitement level (the top arc) drop before repeating the previous steps until you gain the maximum of seven hearts (points) for each position. This will all become apparent as you play. If the top arc reaches the right hand end you will both orgasm and then you will have to start again to build up the hearts.

You can choose from three camera angles or click the right mouse button whilst moving the mouse to rotate around the scene. The movement is smooth and the 3D graphics and animations are fantastic. The only thing that I felt was lacking here was the ability to zoom in on the characters.

There are some nice moaning effects whilst the sex is under way; however I think it would be nice to have a little more variety, maybe slightly different depending on the position. This is merely noteworthy, it doesn’t spoil the game in anyway.

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is definitely a very good and very instructional adult game to play with a partner, but do not think that you cannot play it alone. I think that as a purely erotic adult game to watch couples having sex in different positions you will enjoy it. Also however, if you are currently single you can use it to learn new positions for when you need to put them into practice with a new partner.

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex is an innovative and erotic 3D sex game which is perfect for adding a little excitement to your sex life whether you are playing with a partner or even alone!

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of sex, was one of the games from Artmunk Games; along with many other games, this has now gone. Recessions, pandemics, and the advancement of technology plus changing tastes may have helped lead to it’s demise. If you would like to try something similar, then read our 3D Sex Villa 2.5 post, or visit the site using the link below.

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Virtual Encyclopaedia of Sex Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 95%


A unique and educational adult game

The Virtual Encyclopaedia of Sex is pretty good value as it is both an instructional sex guide and a 3D adult game which combines a great deal of choice and quality.

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