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Doree the Explorer Review

Doree the Explorer Review

Doree the Explorer is produced by the same studio that created The Lust Avenger. Doree the Explorer is also a full length animation, however, it is only about half as long as the Lust Avenger (a parody of Captain Marvel).

The video can be viewed by any MP4 player, but also with Doree the Explorer comes an interactive online version. If you choose to use the interactive viewer you are able to select by scene and camera angle; in addition you can easily skip to your favourite parts of the animation.

The Storyline

Doree the Explorer is an adventure parody of Dora the Explorer, and without a doubt she is very hot.  She looks seriously sexy crossing a precarious bridge to an ancient temple in the middle of the jungle; obviously the monster guarding the temple thought so too! Her tight fitting pink top shows her nipples as her large breasts barely fit inside it; her skin tight yellow shorts really show off her pussy and butt, depending on the angle.

With a swipe of his huge hands Dora is naked and on her back; his hands grapple with her ample breasts as he forces his cock between them. She doesn’t seem to be struggling too hard, concussed? Drugged? No, she just seems to be enjoying it! Soon she is pulled on top of him, he growls from his dog like head as she rides him cowgirl.

There are several positions to enjoy, and a fairly cool cream pie finish; as it’s half the length, there are less variations than The Lust Avenger, but it is still amazing quality.

More About Doree the Explorer

Doree the Explorer provides top quality animated heterosexual fucking; this is a nice variation as many of the 3DX animations from Affect3D are dickgirls. If you like Futanari, then take a look at the Sensual Adventures the Game review.

The story lacks depth, but this is a 3DX animation so it’s the sex that is of interest; and that is top quality. The graphics are incredible, Doree has an amazing body, and the 3DX animation throughout is spot on. If you are a fan of  3DX and hot women then you should take a look at the product page with the link below. As Doree the Explorer is an MP4 video, you can watch it on your tablet or your mobile.

Marie Fasolt is the voice of Doree, and she sounds amazing. Whatever your sex, if you like sex I feel sure this will make you horny.

As previously mentioned the animation can be viewed using an interactive video player; this player allows fullscreen viewing and scene selection of 10 scenes.  Six of the scenes let you have multiple camera angles too therefore giving you a total of 27 scenes to choose from.

Download Doree the Explorer

Doree the Explorer Review Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 88%
Sound - 100%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Awesome 3DX Animation

Doree the Explorer is an amazing 3DX animation that features the beautiful big busted young brunette explorer being enjoyed by the guardian of a sacred temple.

User Rating: 3 ( 7 votes)

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