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Nemo’s Whores Review

Nemo’s Whores is now part of the Sex Game Devil’s Membership package. The game used to be sold separately, but instead you get six games, including the much loved 3DXChat MMOVSG for one monthly price.  You can read about all the included games in our 3D Sex Games Hot Deal post.

Nemo’s Whores shares the same atmospheric style of music as Velvet Express; also you have to walk around exploring in order to have sex with your whores!

When you first start the Nemo’s Whores adult game you will be presented with the bridge on the Nautilus. The graphics are excellent and sharks swim around whilst you decide what to select from the displayed menu.

You have three choices, play, settings or quit. The settings option allows you set the screen size, opt to play full screen or windowed and finally adjust the music and sound volumes.

Once you select play you can choose between four levels. These appear to be the bridge, the captain’s cabin, the dining room, and a swimming pool area. The graphics in these rooms are wonderful, and the atmospheric music really is well suited.

When you first enter the room it pans around the room and shows some great close ups of the girl you are about to be fucking.

Navigating around each of the rooms is simple. Move the mouse cursor to a direction (it has two little green feet showing) and click the left mouse button; Captain Nemo will now walk to where you want him to be.

If you want to exit the room click the mouse on the door; alternatively hit “Esc” which will display a menu from which you can choose level selection.

On each of the levels you will see a girl (or girls). Move towards them and once you are there you will be presented with a number of circles; each one represents a sexual position. Make a choice and you will be able to fuck your 3D girl in your chosen position.

You can change the speed of sex, build up the orgasm level then hit cumshot to blow your load. The sexual sounds are quite erotic and include ass slapping and screaming, making Nemo’s Whores a satisfying sex game.

It is very quick to build up the orgasm level so you can shoot your jizz all over the faces of your whores as often as you like. Once you have emptied yourself you will continue to wank (online) until you select another position; this could be cool especially if you haven’t finished your off screen activities! Navigation is a breeze, click and hold a mouse button whilst moving the mouse to rotate around the scene, or the scroll wheel to zoom in or out. The graphics are extremely good on the sex scenes and will certainly not disappoint. They are not quite up to the likes of Cherry Dolls or 3D Sex Villa but do not fall too far short.

The graphics are fast and fluid and there seems to be little or no lag in movement as you zip around the screen.

There are now an even wider variety of sexual positions to choose from, and all are nicely executed. The Nemo’s Whores adult game is a little kinky so it will appeal to a wide number of people. Another cool point to note here is that the sex positions in each room vary, so each room has some different positions.

Each room has two new controls on the screen, a cross which stops the sex action, and a fantastic new cam sex show option. The new cam sex show option is pretty unique to the Nemo’s Whores 3D sex game and pans around the sex action, changing positions automatically, this is a great “hands free” option for when you need to use them for something else!!

The swimming pool presents you with two girls having fun in the pool, one girl has a cock, so please yourself how you think of her. If you are into the whole transsexual scene then imagine her like that, else imagine her with a double ended dildo, it could be either if you zoom in close on the action!

Another fairly unique point in the Nemo’s Whores adult game is the double blowjob, you get both girls sucking your cock together which is very erotic. This is one thing I would like to see implemented in some of the other 3D adult games around.

I think that the Nemo’s Whores sex game is a great adult sex game, version 1.1 is a welcome upgrade as it has really added some worthwhile new features. It offers great value for money especially when you consider that you get access to seven top adult games and access to any new ones that come along all for one low monthly cost.

Nemo’s Whores is a unique, erotic and kinky sex game with fantastic graphics good sound and moody atmospheric background music. It represents good value for money and is sure to make a great addition to any 3D adult game collection.

New to 1.1 :

  • A completely new room, The Captain’s Cabin
  • Sizzling hot new redhead babe
  • Fantastic new sex positions in each room
  • Introductions to the girl in each room by way of a video preview
  • Unique Cam Sex Show option for “hands free” operation!
  • Improved sound FX now with slaps and screams
  • Updated atmospheric background music

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Nemos Whores Review Overview

Graphics - 90%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Master the Sex Slaves on your Submarine

Excellent value for money as not only do you get access to Nemo's Whores, but also six other sex games including the fantastic 3DXChat adult MMORPG.

User Rating: 4.65 ( 1 votes)

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