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Sex Warrior Review

Sex Warrior is an adult game that is strangely addictive; it is an adult arcade style game that will keep you absorbed for ages. Despite the title, the game is not just about the sex. Granted the idea behind the game is to save the girls who have been kidnapped from the Prince of Persia’s harem; however whilst this is the aim of the game, it is the blowing things up and shooting things that makes the game fun.

Sex Warrior is like the early games from the 1990s, games like Doom for example. You have a choice of three weapons which are easily switched between whilst in combat mode, you also have grenades.

The three weapons you have are a machine gun, shotgun and a sort of catapult that fires star shaped blades. The latter of these is best reserved for the big monsters as it does the most damage; however your reserve supply of blades is very low. With all these weapons there should be no problem right; well, obviously ammo runs out! You need to kill the nasty and evil monsters in order to collect more ammo and extra health. Your health depletes surprisingly quickly so don’t miss any opportunity to grab some more when it is dropped by the evil beasts.

The graphics overall are great; whilst not as polished as some, they have a real old school feel about them which I loved. In my opinion, the value for money is excellent because you get six excellent adult games for one price.  This includes the best adult MMORPG around, 3DXChat.

The Sex Warrior adult arcade game offers you two modes of play; the first is Mission mode, here there are no tricks, just a large amount of monsters protecting the caged or chained up girls. The trick here is to kill things in order to free (and have sex with) the Persian beauties.

The sex is pleasing enough, but it is only a few seconds as she is freed and then she vanishes. If the girl is caged you will need to use a grenade to blow up the cage but don’t get too close otherwise it will reduce your health. Grenades can also be used to knock over rocks etc to walk to the girls cages.

Once you have captured six girls out of six then walk around the scene to find a walkway, between rocks for example as this will take you to the next level. There are three levels in all with six girls on each level. I think this is maybe a bit low, it would be nicer to see more levels with an increasing level of complexity on each. This doesn’t detract from the game as the second mode of play, Survival mode, offers more than enough difficulty to add replay value.

The other thing that I think would be a good addition is a world high scores table.  This could be similar to the Anal Masters adult game as it brings out the competitive side. Survival mode is the most difficult of the modes within Sex Warrior,  you have six survival arenas to chose from. The idea is simple, go in and kill loads of stuff build up the points; when you get enough points you will add a picture of a naked beauty to your gallery. This is easier than it sounds; there are 10 pictures in each arena to collect, and I guarantee that you will be killed very quickly a lot of the time.

The easiest arena out of the six is Underground; here you don’t get the airborne attacks that you get from the other arenas. I will pass a few hints here for these arenas that may help you; so skip the next paragraph if you want to discover them for yourself.

Run away, yep that’s it (to start). Run away and watch the map in the corner; you will see that you get an increasing number of red dots following you keep running. Once you have a small amount of space between you and the red dots turn around and run towards your attackers. Keep running and firing (I preferred the shotgun) if there are a lot of evil birds, throw a grenade into the air at them, if you kill a lot in one go you will get bonus points.

Eventually, if you survive long enough you will be offered a naked girl picture; press “E” then click OK to save her to your gallery. These survival arenas will keep you occupied for quite a while. Even once you have the pictures you will still enjoy playing the game just to kill things and blow things up.

The Sex Warrior adult game is a great diversion when you want some adult fun! You get to run around shooting guns, and throwing grenades; and if this isn’t enough you get to see pretty naked girls too.

Sex Warrior unfortunately is no longer available, but the membership still is great value for money and is worth taking a look. To find out about all the games included, read our 3D Sex Games Hot Deal post if it interests you.

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Sex Warrior Review Overview

Graphics - 70%
Value for Money - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 95%


Old style shoot em up with a bit of sex

If you like adult arcade games then take a look at the Sex Warrior adult game because at this price I believe that it is a bargain.

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