Sunday , May 26 2024
3DXChat sex poses

New 3DXChat Sex Poses

There were new 3DXChat sex poses aplenty for May so I just thought I would draw your attention to them by way of a 3DXChat news post.

For the unenlightened amongst you 3DXChat is the most amazing adult MMORPG around at the moment in my opinion.  Using 3DXChat you can explore the adult virtual world to socialise with other people. You can then  meet up with these people either in public or private for online virtual sex.  You can have three characters either male or female, or a combination. Your characters can  either be playing together in your own virtual home or in multiplayer mode. Use your individuality to create a persona for each; be them as they wander around the virtual world making friends and enjoying sex.

3DXChat has some of the best graphics around and possibly the biggest selection of sex poses. Add to this VStroker and Occulus Rift support and you have a truly advanced virtual reality MMOVSG.  If you want to find out more you can read the 3DXChat review.

The 3DXChat sex poses just keep getting better and better. Barely a month goes by when the creators don’t give us some awesome new stuff to enjoy as members; it’s what keeps so many people coming back time and time again.

The 3DXChat sex poses that have been added for May include combinations for all sexualities so whether you are straight, gay or lesbian (or perhaps one of your three characters is) there will be something for everyone.  An adult MMORPG allows you to explore your own fantasies and experiment with what turns you on from the comfort and safety of your own home, you can be yourself or be someone else because it is all virtual;  no MMOVSG does this better than 3DXChat.

So, whether you are familiar with adult virtual world games, or whether you are new to them 3DXChat is certainly worth a look.  You can try it out for just $19.95 if you join for 1 month however, the cheapest method is to $91.95 when you join for a full year. If you want to go somewhere in between a 6 month membership costs just $59.95.

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