Tuesday , July 23 2024

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3DXChat Animation Update

3DXChat animation update

The 3DXChat animation update adds even more animation to the what in my humble opinion is probably the most feature packed MMOVSG around. 3DXChat is a truly advanced MMOVSG that offers the perfect opportunity to meet up with other adults online for socialising or sex. It allows you to ...

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3DXChat Xmas Updates

3DXChat Xmas Updates

3DXChat Xmas updates consist mainly of new clothing and customisation options, however there are some core changes too. When it comes to adult MMO games there are not many that compete with 3DXChat when it comes to frequency or quality of updates, as the 3DXChat Xmas updates go to show. the 3DXChat MMOVSG is one of the most advanced, and one ...

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3DXChat Free Event at Love Island

3DXChat November 2014 Updates

3DXChat free event is an invite to the 3DXChat 2nd birthday party on 6th December at 21:00 GMT. The event will take place on the newly updated Love Island. I must confess that other than the picture above (and below), I have not seen the latest update to Love Island, so I cannot comment on latest changes. If you want to find out more then ...

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BoneTown Trial Membership

BoneTown trial membership

The BoneTown trial membership is the perfect way to discover some of the intricacies of BoneTown without any commitment, for me personally I would just opt for the full, lifetime download or BoneTown DVD but I have played it and love it, in fact I still play it in the hopes that I will be able to do it better ...

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3DXChat Video Preview

3DXChat video preview

3DXChat is in the opinion of many (including me) the best MMOVSG around. OK when it comes to adult MMO games you aren’t spoilt for choice, and some of it will come down to personal taste, but 3DXChat offers a fabulous adult virtual world with amazing graphics. Anyway, you can read the review here if you haven’t already. For those who are ...

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3DXChat Halloween Gifts

3DXchat Halloween update

3DXChat Halloween gifts are just part of the latest inclusions to one of the most advanced adult multi-player games around. Since it’s launch, the 3DXChat MMOVSG has had a constant flow of cool updates, and the most recent three include updates to clothing, and in addition a cool supply of Halloween gifts for you to give to any partners that ...

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3DXChat Collars

3dXChat September update

3DXChat collars by SOL are the latest fashion accessory to be available to you for your 3DXChat avatar. Beautifying your avatar is the ideal way to attract attention when showing your moves on the dance floor or ambling around the extensive 3DXChat virtual world. There are a growing number of virtual world games out there in adult game land now but ...

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3DXChat Group Sex

3dXChat group sex

3DXChat group sex is the latest update to possibly the world’s best MMOVSG. Since the 3DXChat adult MMO launched it has been gaining great support and now has over 2,000 members to socialise with and play with, perfect for the new group sex feature. I know that I have already been giving you the latest on the 3DXChat updates but ...

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3DXChat August 2014 Update

3DXchat August 2014 updates

Below you will find the latest 3DXChat news for August 2014. 3DXChat MMOVSG is always being updated with some really cool new content to keep your online sex life new and exciting, and so I thought it was important to keep you up to date. As possibly the world’s best Adult MMORPG 3DXChat is worth signing up to. Not only ...

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