Sunday , May 9 2021
3dXChat Weddings

3DXChat Weddings

3DXChat weddings is just one of the new features added in the last couple of months to the this hugely popular adult mmorpg.  It wasn’t enough that you could meet people to socialise with and have sex with; one of the world’s favourite adult virtual world games now gives you the ability to have a virtual wedding with people that you meet online.

3DXChat weddings were added at the beginning of last month; however there has been a whole lot more added since then too.  New features, new poses, new clothes and new hairdos all have been added to 3DXChat; this just has to be the best MMOVSG around.  Rarely does a month go buy when this already fabulous game is not updated with something cool.  For full details visit 3DXChat, but read on for more on the new features and additions.

To marry the virtual girl or guy of your dreams in 3DXChat is simple; just click on their avatar and select marry; there is also a new dress to accompany this option.  The new dress is not the only fashion update to 3DXChat; there is also new underwear and some designs by XDariaX too.

3DXChat is one of the most popular adult MMOs around;  and the updates include more sex poses for all combinations of sexuality, straight, gay or lesbian. It is a common feature with this game as it regularly updated with new poses to make your online sex extremely varied and exciting.

Profiles have been updated and there are some great new features soon to be introduced in this area including offline private messaging.  Now you can also upload your own photos to your own gallery; so people can now see even more of what you want them to see about you.

An important new addition to 3DXChat is that you can now enter the pools in your own homes; also there are various sex acts that can be performed whilst in there.  I won’t rattle on any more, if you want full details of the 3DXChat weddings and all other updates read them here.

If you are not familiar with 3DXChat then follow the link below to find out more about this amazing virtual sex MMORPG.  Alternatively you are able to try for just 1 month for just $19.95 or  6 months for just $59.95. The best value way to join 3DXChat is to join for 12 months for just $91.95.

You can also join Sex Game Devil for just $29.95 for one month and have access to 3DXChat and all their other adult games of which there are six more at the moment.

Since this post there have been many additions, read about the 3DXChat Beaches and 3DXChat Vehicles.

Find out more about the 3DXChat Weddings

3DXChat Wedding

New underwear

3DXChat profile changes

New sex poses

3DXChat sex poses

New 3DXChat Pool System

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