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VirtualFem Sierra Sinn review

VirtualFem Sierra Sinn Review

VirtualFem Sierra Sinn is your virtual girlfriend for May 2016; however it doesn’t really matter when you are reading this post. You will still be able to enjoy her whatever the date; at least that is what I would expect; currently if you join VirtualFem you have access to download every virtual girl since 2004 when VirtualFem was born.

Back to VirtualFem Sierra Sinn! Sierra Sinn is a definite MILF, 33 years old but horny as hell. She has a beautiful body and is very petite, just 5 feet tall and with sexy 33C tits. She describes herself as looking like a naughty girl scout; perhaps that is why she dresses like one to come to your door to sell you cookies  … however, it’s not money she wants in return.

VirtualFem Sierra Sinn will be a treat for all lovers of anal sex, because if you want it, she’ll give it to you.  If you are not a lover of anal sex then no problem, just ask for something else instead; there is enough to choose from.

VirtualFem Sierra Sin will wear a number of sexy outfits for you; some will stay on (in part) whilst she pleases you so if you like a bit of CFNM then you will get that too, including the girl scout uniform.

VirtualFem is still one of my favourite virtual sex games even though the amazing Life Selector takes some beating; read the Life Selector review to find out more. The reason is that you can join and get access to every girl there has ever been since 2004, at 12 girls a year that’s a lot of virtual sex.  You can download hundreds of gigabytes of virtual girlfriends to play with whenever you want.  You do not need to be connected to the internet, and they are yours to keep, however long you remain a member.

A new girl is added monthly so you can make the most of her and her girlfriends including VirtualFem Sierra Sinn.  If you are unsure what this adult game is, then read our VirtualFem review.

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VirtualFem Sierra Sinn Review Overview

Sexiness of virtual Girl - 90%
Range of sexual positions - 87%
Quality of sex talk - 78%
Number of locations - 79%


Hot Playful MILF Who Aims to Please

VirtualFem Sierra Sinn likes to fuck, dress up, role play and fool around with her girlfriends. She also likes to share you with her girlfriends too.

User Rating: 2.45 ( 1 votes)

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