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IStripper is so hot off the press that it’s sizzling, not surprising when you see how many gorgeous girls it includes. Gorgeous girls who will strip right there for you either on your desktop whilst you work, or in one of several of the worlds best strip clubs. These gorgeous girls will strip in all their screen filling glory. They will pole dance, striptease and play with themselves (or each other) with the sole purpose of turning you on.

You will have no doubt heard of VirtuaGirl desktop strippers, well iStripper is the next new and free offering from the same company only this time it looks better still. I fully intend to bring you a review of iStripper very soon, but for now I will just give you the information that I have found out from the new iStripper website and from what I have been told by the company.

If you already use DeskBabes or VirtuaGirl then don’t worry because iStripper will work with all your existing girls and any new sets too. The purpose of this new product is part re-brand and part amalgamation. It’s a clean new website but the main thing is that it will provide a one product does all.

IStripper content is filmed in UHD 4K and provides you with content in 720p, 1080p and 4K so that it will suit your device and download speeds.

IStripper builds improvements and enhancements into the already popular (22 million downloads and counting) VirtuaGirl products and is still provided to you free. This means that you can get to see all the non nude shows with new content delivered automatically (if you want it to be) to your PC. It will only cost you money if you want to buy the nude stripshow. This is great because if you don’t like any of the girls (I expect you’ll like them all) or you like them clothed, then you don’t need to buy their nude shows.

They have collected decors from some of the biggest gentlemen clubs’ in the world and in full screen mode they will dance for you in the club as if you were there with them.

As previously mentioned there is already a huge community of people who love VirtuaGirl and now iStripper so you can communicate with them and help to shape decisions on the casting of models, their clothing, and all other aspects of the production.

I have been using VirtuaGirl and DeskBabes for years and I tried iStripper with my collection and it was awesome even at the 720p which many of the shows that I have are filmed at.

It has to be worth a look because if you don’t like it it won’t have cost you anything so you have nothing to lose.

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Girls on Desktop Swing
iStripper virtual strip show
iStripper desktop strippers

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