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Bad Teacher Brian review

Bad Teacher Brian Review

Bad Teacher Brian was the second edition of the gay sex game by Pocket Date Boy, the creators of Super Health Club. This series of gay games got progressively better as they went along although this was not as good as the Ethan’s New Client, for example there was more happening at third base than the first game in the series.  You would have noticed the difference between this and later versions of the games; read the Pizza Boy Giorgio review for information on one of the later games.

Now however, all the games are no longer available as the company has gone. The best alternative I can suggest is 3D GayVilla. If you want to find out more, read the 3D GayVilla Review.

Brian doesn’t like the heat, and is always wanting to get his kit off, although you fancy him like crazy you’ve had no chance of even getting to first base yet so you offer to take him out for a drink to chance your luck.

You will be able to talk to, touch or use the sex toy on Brian when you click on the relevant icon, it’s worth bearing in mind that sex toy use will only be available at third base. You move through from first to second and second to third base by the talking and touching.

Touching Brian will only be available when the pointer is present, when at the at the second and third levels of third base it will be a multi coloured target. At third base you need to be quick as you must touch the target before it disappears or face losing the points, it gets harder near his cock or ass (not that!) because it disappears quicker.

You have to touch him just right in order to fill up the “cumbar” with points. It seemed as if the faster you were at clicking, the more points you gained. At the second level of third base Brian will suck you whilst he plays with himself, reach 190 points and he cums.

At third base level three you will be able to have anal sex with Brian and at 220 points he’ll cum. In the final levels of third base there are you get multiple camera angles. Bad Teacher Brian still only has music playing in the background with no sex sounds. Also it lacks something that will allow you to go hands free.

As with the whole series of games the graphics are extremely good showing Brian for the well toned stud he is. This and the price make it worth a look, especially if you buy Bad Teacher Brian as part of the duo pack.

You can play the game full screen and the inclusion of a boss key (the escape key) is a good idea as it will allow you to immediately quit the program. You will be pissed however if you catch it by accident so be careful.

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Bad Teacher Brian Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 65%
Repeat Play Value - 70%


Bad Teacher Brian is one hot stud

Brian is the teacher at the school. You fancy him like crazy and so you decide to take him out for a drink to see if you can get him interested in getting to third base.

User Rating: 1.89 ( 3 votes)

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