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Super Health Club Review

Super Health Club Review

Super Health Club is the product of over two years of hard work by Oonyx Games to create, and it is a monster of a game.

Super Health Club is significantly different to their PocketDateBoy games in every way. The only real thing they share in common is that they are gay games which contain explicit, uncensored images.

The major difference is game style; with the PocketDateBoy series the emphasis is on gay porn with a little bit of a storyline and some challenges to help you get to it.  Super Health Club is the opposite to this.  The focus is very much on the storyline; it is this storyline, and the choices you make, that will unlock the porn.

Super Health Club is definitely a game that will keep you interested; it will last longer than previous Oonyx games, and have you playing it over in order to open all the hidden scenes.  There are a total of 25 hidden scenes in all as far as I could see; these are made up of 76 explicit gay images and some mini scenes; a history and an ending for each of the four main characters who work at the gym.

Super Health Club is a much more complex game; it is a cross between a dating sim and a business sim and for some (including me to start with) it can be a little confusing.  At the moment there is no manual (although I suspect that will be coming soon), but stick with it if you are struggling, or use the support forum, because the game is pretty cool once you get the hang of it.

The game graphics are very different to the PocketDateBoy games too, rather than being done in the highly rendered 3D image style they are in the Bara style that is common in many Japanese boy love magazines.  Apparently they have been drawn by one of the best Bara artists in the world, and I have to say, that for this type of design style they are pretty awesome.

In Super Health Club, you are given the job of branch manager at a failing gym and leisure club that has been left in debt by the previous manager.  You have to make all the daily decisions and choices in order to make it profitable again, this includes job allocation and dealing with the staff with whom you will form friendships.  Spending time with them during, and at the end of, each day will help you to progress to some of the stages where you can unlock hidden content.

You have 35 in game days to make the Super Health Club pay, and unless you make the right choices and have the right interactions you won’t reduce the deficit enough and you won’t unlock the hidden scenes. You can save the game at the end of each day and I would highly recommend doing it in order to be able to return to earlier saved games to make different decisions.

Currently there are four hunks who work at the gym, 21 year old Thomas Reed, a personal trainer; 23 year old Chris Hughes who is a swimmer; 24 year old Phillip Burgess who is a bodybuilder and 26 year old Ishikawa Kouji who is a martial arts teacher.  All have very complex lives and relationships with each other and you, which all add to the interest of the game.

The game is still hot off the press and over time there will be even more content added to it.  As a company, Oonyx games are very responsive and are already not just adding ideas of their own, but reacting in response to their users too.  A much requested addition that will be featuring in the not too distant future is a “hair” mode that will allow the user to decide the hairiness of the characters.

There is nothing bad to be said about Super Health Club, it is an intriguing game that is the result of a lot of hard work by talented game authors. However, as with all games it does depend on the type of game you like as to whether you will enjoy it or not.  I like a game to keep me occupied and to have depth to it and Super Health Club certainly ticked those boxes.

If you don’t want anything that is too in depth, and you are primarily interested in the porn, then stick with the PocketDateBoy games; try reading the Personal Trainer Ethan review for an example.

But, if you like something to challenge you a little more, then give it a go. It won’t cost an arm and a leg so if you are uncertain it may be worth the risk, or  better still, use the link below and you will be able to download a Super Health Club demo.

The  creators of Super Health Club seem to have gone out of business now, so as an alternative to look for games that may appeal, you could try either 3D GayVilla or Affect 3D.

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Super Health Club Review Overview

Graphics - 100%
Value for Money - 95%
Sound - 98%
Repeat Play Value - 98%


The most original gay sex game around

Super Health Club is a highly original Bara game where you inherit the task of turning round a failing gym with the help of 4 hunky employees.

User Rating: 4.4 ( 2 votes)

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