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Military Guard Aiden Review

Military Guard Aiden Review

Military Guard Aiden was a standard edition game, the 5th gay game to be created by Pocket Date Boy.  Standard editions had limited features in comparison to the premium editions such as Bartender David or Martial Arts Fighter Ryuu. Military Guard Aiden however still had the same quality in terms of graphics, explicit 3rd base animations and hot 3D studs.  You could buy an extra add-on which will give you more 3rd base levels for even more unedited hardcore sex scenes plus a zoom feature. The company no longer exists however and the best alternative I can suggest is 3D GayVilla.

There are more games within the series, and later ones add to previous versions; read the Ethan’s New Client review if you want to see more.

If you like your games to be well documented, this is, as there is some very good documentation with gameplay hints ant tips, and cheats  for Military Guard Aiden too.

The standard edition does have some benefits over the premium edition primarily the speed at which you can progress through the game from 1st to 3rd base.  This means that it will be far quicker to get to the explicit sex at 3rd base.

The basic storyline requires that you convince the military guard Aiden to help you get out of a problem because you have broken down in the ass end of nowhere.  Will you be able to get him to help, and why is he there alone?

You must be respectful to Aiden, if you are impolite or arrogant you will have to try to convince him all over again.  The answers are not to difficult to work out which makes getting to the sex at 3rd base will be easier, your job is also made simpler because there are two game modes, easy and normal.

At 3rd base you will be able to have blowjobs and handjobs but also anal sex.  Unlock it all and you will have access to three animated sex scenes at each level and a cum shot scene, seven scenes in total.  If you opt to buy the low priced add-on you will get four more plus a zoom feature.

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Military Guard Aiden Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for Money - 90%
Sound - 85%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Aiden is a buff military guard

Can you get Aiden to help you when you are broken down in the middle of nowhere? Why is he all alone at his post, can you seduce him?

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