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Tool Boy Kelvin Review

Tool boy Kelvin was the 6th edition of the gay adult games series from PocketDate Boy. At the time of writing the latest edition was the eighth edition, but each game brought something new to the mix, even if it was just the storyline.  The graphics were always cool in the PocketDate Boy games, and Tool Boy Kelvin was no exception.  Read the Pizza Boy Giorgio review as this was edition eight of the game.

Now however, all the games are no longer available as the company has gone. The best alternative I can suggest is 3D GayVilla. If you want to find out more, read the 3D GayVilla Review.

The manual for Tool Boy Kelvin is the place to start, even if you’ve played some of the games before. It will cover everything plus additional hints and cheat codes; check though because sometimes the cheat sheets are available separately to the manual.

PocketDate Boy games come in two flavours, standard and premium, Tool Boy Kelvin is a standard edition game.  The graphics and animations are exactly the same in both versions main difference in the two  is the feature set. In the standard edition you get a few less, but it is easier to get to third base (easier still if you use the cheat codes); also it is cheaper, so there are benefits either way.

If you like gay games then you will no doubt enjoy all PocketDate Boy games; you may well find that Tool Boy Kelvin won’t be the only one you buy.  There are also savings to be made on the earlier versions by buying the duo packs; in fact Duo Pack 03 also includes Tool Boy Kelvin and you save money over the cost of the two games.

Kelvin is a straight 19 year old whose girlfriend has left him; you have to convince him to try out the gay scene.  Also you have to mentor him in his job, thus giving you the perfect opportunity to come on to him.

You can play the game in easy mode or normal mode; this makes it a little better if you are struggling, because reaching third base without using the cheats is easier.  I won’t tell you the cheats as you can find these out for yourself if you want to use them.  I would recommend using them only as a last resort.

Third base gives you excellent “hands free” animated sex scenes. At each level there are three different scenes; level one includes three scenes focused on handjobs and blowjobs whereas level two is all about anal sex.  The graphics are amazing and if you want to get even closer to the action then Tool Boy Kelvin also includes a zoom feature.

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Review Overview

Graphics - 95%
Value for money - 90%
Sound - 90%
Repeat Play Value - 90%


Kelvin is a well toned 19 year old

Tool Boy Kelvin is the 6th edition of the PocketDate Boy gay games. You have to convince Kelvin to get down with you even though he is straight.

User Rating: 4.9 ( 1 votes)

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