Friday , September 18 2020
  • iStripper Mobile Review

    iStripper Mobile Review

    iStripper Mobile is the next generation of personal strippers, this time for your mobile devices. Th…

  • Virtual Strippers

    VR Strippers

    VR strippers can be very arousing, pretty much like actual strippers; one big difference, beyond of …

  • 3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

    3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

    3DXChat Covid-19 updates are simply referring to all the updates since the Covid-19 lockdown; also t…

  • Puppet Master Short Clips Review

    Puppet Master Short Clips Review

    Puppet Master Short Clips are a collection of high quality short 3DX videos; if you are a fan of the…

  • coronavirus lockdown post

    Coronavirus Lockdown Discounts

    Coronavirus lockdown, words many of us are familiar with now; if, like much of the world, you are st…

  • Pulse Duo Review

    Pulse Duo Review

    The Pulse Duo is an innovative vibrator for the guys, a guybrator as it’s creators at Hot Octo…

  • 3DXChat Tattoos

    3DXChat Tattoos

    3DXChat tattoos were added as a feature to the game. In addition faces, makeup, clothing and hairsty…

  • Hot Octopuss Innovative Sex Toys

    Hot Octopuss

    Hot Octopuss is a unique British company with innovative, award winning sex toys, for everyone. Thei…

  • Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

    Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

    Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition, is a massive creation and the best episode of this ser…

  • Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 1 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 1 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice part 1 is another instalment of the acclaimed Dead Tide series by Ga…

  • Doree the Explorer Review

    Doree the Explorer Review

    Doree the Explorer is produced by the same studio that created The Lust Avenger. Doree the Explorer …

  • 3DXChat Sex Positions

    3DXChat Sex Positions Update

    3DXChat sex positions are varied and plentiful, and this update adds even more variety.  Aimed prima…

  • Sugar Mom Review

    Sugar Mom Review

    Sugar Mom is a visual novel for lovers of MILFs or those who fantasise about older women with younge…

  • Sensual Adventures The Game DLC Review

    Sensual Adventures the Game DLC Review

    Sensual Adventures the Game DLC adds a host of customisation features to an already cool futanari ga…

  • 3DXChat Glory Holes

    3DXChat Glory Holes

    3DXChat glory holes have arrived to further enhance the available sex positions. Have you ever seen …

  • Mandy's Room Review

    Mandy’s Room Review

    Mandy’s Room is a pretty unique VR 3DX game available to buy from Nutaku. If you have a VR hea…

  • A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends

    A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends from Life Selector

    A day with Janice Griffith & friends is an interactive sex adventure that you can play for free.…

  • 3DXChat 2.7 update

    3DXChat 2.7

    3DXChat 2.7 is the reason I haven’t been seeing anything new for a few months; however, it wou…

  • NR-02 Review

    NR-02 Review

    NR-02 is another sci-fi creation from the designers of R0S1; hot on the tail of my review of R0S1 I …

  • R0S1 Review

    R0S1 Review

    R0S1 is an android with one purpose, your pleasure is her pleasure, it’s why she was designed.…

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3dxchat 2.0 beta

3DXChat 2.0 Beta

3DXChat 2.0 beta is now out. We have waited since April for the beta with bated breath, it looks pretty awesome. 3DXChat MMOVSG is already probably the best multiplayer virtual sex game around. Like me, many of you will have been playing ...

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Pirate Jessica

Pirate Jessica

I came across Pirate Jessica (I wish) and thought I would share the information and my thoughts in this post. I don’t know what it’s like but it looks pretty cool if the website is anything to go by. Looking at the graphics on the website would lead me to believe that the creators are the same ones who produce 3D Girlz …

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Chathouse 3D Goth Update

Chathouse 3D Goth Update

Chathouse 3D Goth update is one of the latest updates to the advanced adult MMORPG that is Chathouse 3D. Chathouse 3D seems to have been rightfully growing in popularity over the last year and with that there seems to have been a more ready supply of updates to it ...

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Blewit Masturbator

Blewit Masturbator For Mindful Masturbation

The Blewit masturbator is a male sex toy that has been specifically designed for perfect masturbation. I haven’t tried one myself as yet, but if you can believe all the info it looks set to become a must have sex toy for men ...

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3D Gogo 2 Review

3D Gogo 2 Review

Visit 3D Gogo 2 Website 3D Gogo 2 is another 3D virtual stripper game, but it is one of the best currently available, like most adult games it has its imperfections, but they are few. If you have Oculus Rift VR glasses, they can also be used with 3D Gogo 2 to further enhance your experience ...

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Grand Cutie Anal 3D Review

Grand Cutie Anal 3D Review

Grand Cutie Anal 3D has been much improved. It has ditched the fairly flaky web viewer that it used when it was Cutie 3D because it was temperamental. It now is available as a download to play on your PC; however it still connects to the internet to check your login details. A save option has been added which is …

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Photoshoot Free Adult Game

Photoshoot Free Adult Game

Visit Christie’s Room Website Photoshoot is a free adult flash game provided for your entertainment by Christie’s Room who provides some of the best adult flash games available, all are original content and with the exception of the free games and previews, are solely available on their website ...

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VirtualFem Kita Zen Review

VirtualFem Kita Zen Review

VirtualFem Kita Zen is the virtual girl of the month for June 2016, but she is not alone.  This is an excellent month to join VirtualFem if you are not a member; and if you are a member then pop over and download her right now. VirtualFem Kita Zen is an all American girl of Asian descent. She has four more …

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Strip Kittens 2 Review

Strip Kittens 2.0 Review

Strip Kittens 2.0 is a game I looked at a while ago it’s in the same category as 3D Stripper or 3D GoGo 2 and I think if I had to rank the three it would be very difficult as they are all as good as each other in different ways but I guess 3D GoGo 2 and Strip Kittens 2.0 …

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UPlay-IStrip review

UPlay-IStrip Review

UPlay-IStrip is a website that offers a number of strip games which include Strip Poker, Sexy Belote, Strip 4, Sexy Chess and Sudoku. It was after reviewing Sexy Belote that I decided to review UPlay-IStrip as a whole rather than each game individually. The strip games, as you will have seen ...

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The Sorority Girls in the Life Selector virtual sex game

Life Selector Review

Life Selector is an amazing online interactive sex game that uses top quality HD video to present you with a wide selection of POV (Point of View) story lines for you to play; and the best part about this is that it is free to play ...

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Sexy Belote Review

Sexy Belote Review

Sexy Belote is a somewhat unusual, but definitely interesting game of Strip Belote from UPlay-IStrip, a company that also bring you Strip Poker, Strip 4, Strip Sudoku (yes, Strip Sudoku!) and Strip Chess. It combines the joys of game playing with the better pastime of watching beautiful women ...

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3D Stripper Review

3D Stripper Review

3D Stripper is a licensed version of Dream Stripper, so if you are looking for the game this is probably the only place you will find it as it would seem that Dream Stripper no longer exists. On starting 3D Stripper you will be confronted with a virtual stripper wearing a school uniform ...

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VirtualFem Sierra Sinn review

VirtualFem Sierra Sinn Review

VirtualFem Sierra Sinn is your virtual girlfriend for May 2016, but it doesn’t really matter when you are reading this post because you will still be able to enjoy her whatever the date, at least that is what I would expect based on the fact that currently if you join VirtualFem you have access to download ...

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Kari 4 Pro

Kari 4 Pro

Kari 4 Pro is the next generation of what is quite simply the most advanced virtual girlfriend that you will find.  A few years ago I got the opportunity to play with Kari 3 Pro and was amazed at how clever she was; I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play with Kari 4 Pro, but have no doubt that she will …

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BoneTown Action Adventure Porn Video Game