Friday , September 18 2020
  • iStripper Mobile Review

    iStripper Mobile Review

    iStripper Mobile is the next generation of personal strippers, this time for your mobile devices. Th…

  • Virtual Strippers

    VR Strippers

    VR strippers can be very arousing, pretty much like actual strippers; one big difference, beyond of …

  • 3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

    3DXChat Covid-19 Updates

    3DXChat Covid-19 updates are simply referring to all the updates since the Covid-19 lockdown; also t…

  • Puppet Master Short Clips Review

    Puppet Master Short Clips Review

    Puppet Master Short Clips are a collection of high quality short 3DX videos; if you are a fan of the…

  • coronavirus lockdown post

    Coronavirus Lockdown Discounts

    Coronavirus lockdown, words many of us are familiar with now; if, like much of the world, you are st…

  • Pulse Duo Review

    Pulse Duo Review

    The Pulse Duo is an innovative vibrator for the guys, a guybrator as it’s creators at Hot Octo…

  • 3DXChat Tattoos

    3DXChat Tattoos

    3DXChat tattoos were added as a feature to the game. In addition faces, makeup, clothing and hairsty…

  • Hot Octopuss Innovative Sex Toys

    Hot Octopuss

    Hot Octopuss is a unique British company with innovative, award winning sex toys, for everyone. Thei…

  • Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

    Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

    Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition, is a massive creation and the best episode of this ser…

  • Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 1 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 1 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice part 1 is another instalment of the acclaimed Dead Tide series by Ga…

  • Doree the Explorer Review

    Doree the Explorer Review

    Doree the Explorer is produced by the same studio that created The Lust Avenger. Doree the Explorer …

  • 3DXChat Sex Positions

    3DXChat Sex Positions Update

    3DXChat sex positions are varied and plentiful, and this update adds even more variety.  Aimed prima…

  • Sugar Mom Review

    Sugar Mom Review

    Sugar Mom is a visual novel for lovers of MILFs or those who fantasise about older women with younge…

  • Sensual Adventures The Game DLC Review

    Sensual Adventures the Game DLC Review

    Sensual Adventures the Game DLC adds a host of customisation features to an already cool futanari ga…

  • 3DXChat Glory Holes

    3DXChat Glory Holes

    3DXChat glory holes have arrived to further enhance the available sex positions. Have you ever seen …

  • Mandy's Room Review

    Mandy’s Room Review

    Mandy’s Room is a pretty unique VR 3DX game available to buy from Nutaku. If you have a VR hea…

  • A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends

    A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends from Life Selector

    A day with Janice Griffith & friends is an interactive sex adventure that you can play for free.…

  • 3DXChat 2.7 update

    3DXChat 2.7

    3DXChat 2.7 is the reason I haven’t been seeing anything new for a few months; however, it wou…

  • NR-02 Review

    NR-02 Review

    NR-02 is another sci-fi creation from the designers of R0S1; hot on the tail of my review of R0S1 I …

  • R0S1 Review

    R0S1 Review

    R0S1 is an android with one purpose, your pleasure is her pleasure, it’s why she was designed.…

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Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent

Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent Review

Bloodlust Cerene Royal Descent is a follow on to first episode in the series, Bloodlust Cerene; it is also another full length animated sex adventure. Starting where episode one left off, Tristan has been dispatched and the Duchess Sophia has been left alone with the vampire Cerene.  Nothing is what you would imagine (or maybe you would) and Cerene decides …

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XStoryPlayer 3.5 Review

XStoryPlayer 3.5 is more a sex adventure game than a virtual sex game. XStoryPlayer 3.5 has built on the original game and now includes several improvements over earlier versions. There are plenty of good sex games and animations around; adult virtual world games like 3DXChat, virtual sex games like 3D SexVilla and animations like Bloodlust Cerene. All offer something different, …

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Sensual Adventures Episode 2 Review

Sensual Adventures Episode 2 Review

Sensual Adventures episode 2, The Confession, is the continuation of the Sensual Adventures story.  Once again Puppet Master have created a top quality full length futanari animation for you to enjoy; like the last episode, the running time is around 15 minutes.  If you are new to the Sensual Adventures saga then it may be worth reading about Sensual Adventures episode …

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SinVR Review

SinVR review

SinVR is a pretty unique take on a virtual reality sex game.  When there are already adult games like 3D SexVilla, and VR sex games like 3DXChat, how do you add something new to the mix? Well, SinVR have found a way, they have created a VR sex game with a twist.  Some of the characters are parodies, such as …

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VR Bangers Stolen

VR Bangers Stolen: Halloween Special

VR Bangers Stolen is an innovative full length VR horror movie filmed in the style of Halloween. The purpose, to provide old members and new with an imaginative Halloween special; you can already watch part one of VR Bangers Stolen, but the rest won’t be available until Halloween. Over the coming two weeks you will be able to vote for your …

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VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers Review

VR Bangers is an award winning virtual reality porn site serving a variation of top quality VR porn.  It is fair to say that these days there are a growing number of  virtual reality porn sites; so, how do you choose where to spend your hard earned cash? You have three choices; VR Bangers for straight VR Porn, VRB Gay for …

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VRCosplayX Review

VRCosplayX Review

VRCosplayX is a collection of top quality VR Porn parody movies; if you like virtual reality and cosplay you should definitely take a look. We hear about virtual reality more and more each day, and VR Porn is no different. As virtual reality headsets get cheaper, and mobile headsets get better, so the quantity of VR porn available increases. VRCosplayX …

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Virtual Reality Sex

Virtual Reality Sex

Virtual reality sex (VR Sex) is the buzz word at the moment; and possibly the next step in the evolution of porn.  An increase in the number of different VR headsets available has lead to them being more affordable. With affordability has come popularity which has lead to a change in the way adult games are being developed; additionally a …

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Sensual Adventures Episode 1 Review

Sensual Adventures Episode 1 Review

Sensual Adventures episode 1, The Reunion, is an amazing full length (just over 15 minutes) futanari animation; it is a continuing series, with episode 2 already available. Sensual Adventures episode 1 is from the creators of Brittany Home Alone and Sensual Adventures the game. The graphics in Brittany Home Alone are good, but the graphics in Sensual Adventures episode 1, The Reunion …

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Ardor Bending Time Review

Ardor Bending Time is the new version of the innovative Ardor sex game, a game created for couples. The game is a boxed card game and is still primarily for heterosexual couples at all stages of a relationship; however it now also includes a multiplayer mode for three or four people. We all need help to keep the passion alive, especially …

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Brittany Home Alone DLC Review

Brittany Home Alone DLC Review

The Brittany Home Alone DLC is additional content for the base game Brittany Home Alone. Do you have the game already? If you do, then once you buy the DLC you will be able to truly customise Brittany; if you don’t, then you can get Brittany Home Alone here. Within the base game using the customize option will give you …

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Brittany Home Alone Review

Brittany Home Alone Review

Brittany Home Alone is a dick girls game, if you like transsexual games then it is worth a look.  Brittany Home Alone is available as a browser game or as a download for your Android mobile; owners of the Google cardboard virtual reality headset can download the Brittany Home Alone VR game. When you first launch Brittany Home Alone it takes …

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Sexbot Review

Sexbot Quality Assurance Simulator is a relatively new virtual reality game which can be played without VR if preferred.  It works pretty well; although it would almost certainly be better with a decent virtual reality headset. The graphics are pretty nice and movement around the scene is smooth.  I love the bendy sexbot; she appears to be made of the …

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VirtualFem interactive virtual sex game review

VirtualFem Review

If you like to feel like you are the recipient of the awesome sexual actions of some very hot women then POV video may be for you. If you want to take it a step further and interact with the girls then keep reading. VirtualFem lets you communicate via chat box or by speech recognition (or even by selecting from ...

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BoneTown Action Adventure Porn Video Game