Friday , June 14 2024
  • 3DXChat 3.0

    3DXChat 3.0

    3DXChat 3.0 became available on the 6th of September 2023 and has brought with it some major improve…

  • Bestvibe Review

    Bestvibe Review

    Bestvibe offers some of the widest selection of vibrators for him or her that I have seen. If you ar…

  • iStripper Ancient Ages Huntress Review

    iStripper Ancient Ages Huntress Sonya Blaze

    iStripper Ancient Ages Huntress is a cosplay fantasy starring the beautiful seductress Sonya Blaze. …

  • istripper mobile subscription review

    iStripper Mobile Subscription Review

    The iStripper mobile subscription is the new way to access iStripper on your mobile device. If you w…

  • iStripper Mobile App

    iStripper Mobile Web App

    iStripper mobile web app isn’t really an app, but is instead the next stage in the evolution o…

  • 3DXChat 2.9

    3DXChat 2.9

    3DXChat 2.9 is the latest version of 3DXChat and, as usual, it comes with a host of additions and fi…

  • Deepest Desires Dating

    Deepest Desires Dating

    Deepest Desires is an adult dating service aimed at both men and women who are looking for a sexual …

  • VR Paradise Gentleman's Club

    VR Paradise

    VR Paradise is a popular virtual reality game from the creators of the already insanely popular stri…

  • Hentai Heroes Events

    Hentai Heroes Event Details

    The latest event details for the free Hentai Heroes games will appear at the top of this post under …

  • 3DXChat Review

    3DXChat Review – Updated

    3DXChat is an adult MMORPG that is one of the best that you will find. It is not the only adult MMO…

  • iStripper Cosplay

    iStripper Cosplay

    iStripper cosplay is one of the favourite categories in this popular desktop strip game; what’…

  • iStripper Belka

    iStripper Belka

    iStripper Belka is a beautiful adult model from Odessa in Ukraine and has several shows on iStripper…

  • 3dxchat 2.8 header

    3DXChat 2.8

    3DXChat 2.8 is the latest version of this massively popular MMOVSG (massively multiplayer online vir…

  • Sensual Adventures episode 6 The Revelation review

    Sensual Adventures Episode 6 Review

    Sensual Adventures episode 6, The Revelation, is the next episode in the latest story.  The overall …

  • iStripper Special Event Cards

    iStripper Special Event Cards

    iStripper special event cards (SEC) are hard to get, so why do we keep trying? There is something ni…

  • Elf' Quest 2 Review

    Elf’s Quest 2 Review

    Elf’s Quest 2 is a visual novel with around 200 images and 550 lines of dialogue. It is availa…

  • Sensual Adventures 5, The Vacation Review

    Sensual Adventures Episode 5 Review

    Sensual Adventures episode 5, The Vacation, continues this successful futanari franchise, but with a…

  • Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 2 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 2 Review

    Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice part 2 continues the Porn and Prejudice series by Gazukull; you may …

  • FutaErotica Pirate Island Review

    FutaErotica Pirate Island Review

    FutaErotica Pirate Island is a full length 21 minute Futanari 3DX animation.  You are aboard the pir…

  • 3DXChat and Lovense

    3DXChat and Lovense

    3DXChat and Lovense allows long distance sexual interaction using sex toys and has been proving popu…

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Hot Octopuss Innovative Sex Toys

Hot Octopuss

Hot Octopuss is a unique British company with innovative, award winning sex toys, for everyone. Their website is fascinating for men and women who like to use sex toys, whether solo or as a couple.  I can’t remember where I first saw their products mentioned, but their interesting range keeps growing; with that in mind I felt they should get …

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Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

Sensual Adventures Episode 4 Review

Sensual Adventures episode 4: The Expedition, is a massive creation and the best episode of this series so far. This episode concludes the current story, and what an awesome conclusion too. Puppetmaster’s creations seem to be a firm favourite with fans of futanari; if you like them, you can get the Sensual Adventures episodes 1-4 bundle here, and at a …

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Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 1 Review

Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice Part 1 Review

Dead Tide IX Porn and Prejudice part 1 is another instalment of the acclaimed Dead Tide series by Gazukull; you may already be familiar with it. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I reviewed this, so was pleasantly surprised. The corny humour and bad jokes within the dialogue amused me, as did the unexpected sound effects. The sex talk …

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Doree the Explorer Review

Doree the Explorer Review

Doree the Explorer is produced by the same studio that created The Lust Avenger. Doree the Explorer is also a full length animation, however, it is only about half as long as the Lust Avenger (a parody of Captain Marvel). The video can be viewed by any MP4 player, but also with Doree the Explorer comes an interactive online version. …

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3DXChat Sex Positions

3DXChat Sex Positions Update

3DXChat sex positions are varied and plentiful, and this update adds even more variety.  Aimed primarily at those wanting to have virtual sex with multiple partners the new 3DXChat sex positions cover all bases; some of the new sex poses also cater for couples too. This update from 3DXChat also includes some new clothing however, stocking variations for her and …

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Sugar Mom Review

Sugar Mom Review

Sugar Mom is a visual novel for lovers of MILFs or those who fantasise about older women with younger men. It has a fairly basic storyline, but is redeemed by the quality of its graphics. The Sugar Mom game has multiple pathways, but it won’t take you a great deal of time to go through all of them; although you …

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Sensual Adventures The Game DLC Review

Sensual Adventures the Game DLC Review

Sensual Adventures the Game DLC adds a host of customisation features to an already cool futanari game. Essentially a DLC is downloadable content, so remember it will not work unless you also buy Sensual Adventures the game. So, if you haven’t heard of it already, you should read the review of Sensual Adventures the Game. Sensual Adventures is a series …

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3DXChat Glory Holes

3DXChat Glory Holes

3DXChat glory holes have arrived to further enhance the available sex positions. Have you ever seen glory holes in an MMOVSG, it is definitely a first for me. Just recently I posted about 3DXChat 2.7, the 64 bit version, and now we already have several new content updates; in fact as I am writing this, I noticed that another content …

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Mandy's Room Review

Mandy’s Room Review

Mandy’s Room is a pretty unique VR 3DX game available to buy from Nutaku. If you have a VR headset, Mandy’s Room will be awesome, however, it is still pretty cool without one. Essentially 18 year old Mandy’s bedroom is the complete focus for the game.  It is simple, but entertaining for anybody with an imagination and a love of …

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A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends

A Day With Janice Griffith & Friends from Life Selector

A day with Janice Griffith & friends is an interactive sex adventure that you can play for free.  In the free version you will be able to experience a handjob and blowjobs; both will have you begging for more.  Janice Griffith is hot, and her new neighbors are keen to meet you both so you can enjoy them all. The …

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3DXChat 2.7 update

3DXChat 2.7

3DXChat 2.7 is the reason I haven’t been seeing anything new for a few months; however, it would appear that they have not been resting on their laurels. The original 3DXChat is a 32 Bit client, but 3DXChat 2.7 is 64 bit; the now “old version” will not receive any new enhancements, but the 64 bit version has heaps. Apart …

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NR-02 Review

NR-02 Review

NR-02 is another sci-fi creation from the designers of R0S1; hot on the tail of my review of R0S1 I thought I would take a look. NR-02 is the faithful (and very shiny) robot of the last man on earth; you get to experience their exploits through animation. More About NR-02 NR-02, as you may have gathered, is an application …

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R0S1 Review

R0S1 Review

R0S1 is an android with one purpose, your pleasure is her pleasure, it’s why she was designed.  Her unique AI has been created to apply the human pleasure methods to sex toys. With the release of a new multi-purpose dildo, she is tasked with the job of testing it; you will be the one to benefit from these tests. More …

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My Private Trainer Review

My Private Trainer Review

My Private Trainer is a visual novel style game which gives you access to a very sexy personal trainer. It is the second in the series, you can get the first, My Private Secretary, from the Affect3D Store. When you download the game you will get versions for the PC and the MAC.  In addition however you will get 140+ …

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The Lust Avenger Review

The Lust Avenger Review

The Lust Avenger is a full length animation of 16 minutes that will appeal to 3DX sci-fi enthusiasts; it will also appeal to monster lovers. In addition to the full length video, the Lust Avenger comes with an interactive version; this version lets you select the scene and camera angle. The interactive version will allow you to skip to your …

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